Can Robert Pattinson Rock a Skeezy ‘Stache in Bel Ami? Or Worse – a Never Ending Stachebeard?

By MP (aka WastingTheMorning)

There’s been a lot of speculation about Rob’s wooly bear look. I have to admit, when I first saw the full fledged beard plus flavor saver in the paparazzi pictures that came out around Christmas, I thought he was living la vida loca and had stopped shaving, working out, waking up before noon, and eating fruits/vegetables.

But the more research I do on Paris in the 19th century, the more I think that the facial hair is just Rob getting into character.  Plus, the longer the hair is, the more the costume peeps have to work with to try out different 19th century looks.

I feel like this post needs a John Denver “Country Boy” song. Never fear, I don’t own any John Denver music.  But just know that “mountain mama, take me home, country roads” is going through my mind cuz Rob looks like he could be making moonshine in the shack out back of his West Virginia country cabin.

I’ve seen a few vintage pictures of Parisian fashion while googling for Bel Ami info.  Rarely do the men NOT have facial hair.  Mustaches, oddly-shaped beards, and sideburns seemed to be fashionableSOOOO if you like your Rob freshly shaved, better brace yourself – you have a year or so to get over it.

Important note — nowhere in the script does it mention that Rob’s character Georges has a mustache or facial hair for that matter.  At least not in the version I saw.  However, as I stated before, it was a sign of the times.

But I digress…

Without further ado, here are some looks that Rob could very well be sporting in Bel Ami.  Brace yourselves.

Looks more upper-class – maybe when Georges has finally “made it”?

This next one will test the limits of your robsession for sure..

The never ending ‘stachebeard. *shudders*

Coattails, top hats, and disproportionate bodies.  HAWT!  Not!

*GASP* Covering up THAT jaw might be a crime punishable by Cougar Law!

This look I can handle.  From an article talking about how Ralph Lauren and other designers are trying to bring the 19th century back baby.

Bel Ami Costume people take note! Ralph Lauren knows how to make the 19th century HOT!

I must remind all of you that we’ve thought Rob was hot doing a wide variety of generally “not hot” things. Kissing a dead chick in “The Haunted Airmen”, tucking in Little Ashes, sitting in a dark corner like a creeper watching his man-crush get it on with a woman, etc.  Oh, and sneezing. Had to add that.  Wouldn’t be a post by MP if I didn’t mention the sneeze picture.

What do you think?  Can Rob bring the sexy back to twirly mustaches or jaw beards?




  • arfalcon

    In the original novel, the character of Georges is described as having a mustache that curls up at the ends. Ugh. I’m sure the movie folks will exercise some artistic license here because the character is supposed to be very attractive.

    • WastingTheMorning

      As long as they don’t cover that beauuuutiful jaw, I’m good.

  • eyes Robert is so sex and hot…

  • Carolina

    In my version George has a mustache! I think it’s on the first description of George…. but honestly, WHO CARES!!!!! Will all the hot sex they have in the script, the facial hair will be the last thing I will be looking at! 🙂 Bring it on baby!

    • WastingTheMorning

      I just saw Little Ashes for the first time last night. And – yep – Rob was still hot with his little permanent marker mustache. So I am fairly sure that if I can survive the Dali character, I will actually enjoy Georges. At least he’ll be kissing women this time!

  • OutOfMyElement

    I think the ‘sneeze’ pic you like is more of a ‘cough’ one as your eyes close when you sneeze and his are definitely open with his cheeks bulging out a little. LOL. OMG you know I follow too many Rob blogs and read the comments if I know which pic you mean!

    • WastingTheMorning

      He could be sneezing, coughing or vomiting – who knows. But I think it’s hilarious! Glad you knew which pic I was talking about!!! 🙂

  • nickii0117

    OH YES!!! Rob will bring DASHING and SEXY back with this part.

  • BiteThatLipRob

    The book has his stache mentioned in the first chapter itself.
    I hope they go with the Ralph Lauren look.*fingers crossed*

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  • Lynda from Philly

    Yes, the Ralph Lauren look, definitely! Either way Rob is gonna make for one hell of a hot Frenchman!!!

  • yay MP!

  • spunksouth

    Dear Lord, please, please let it be the last one.

  • I am rooting for the Ralph Lauren look… grrr baby lol… the first one is good too… but the ‘stachebeard has GOT to GO… lol.. I’d still find him sexy cuz it’s Rob, but the other looks would be better… more jawporn visible lol…

  • I hope it’s as minimal as possible or even more of a beard than just stache.. i can’t stand a moustache.
    it’s Rob and well who gives a F*** right? 😉

    I didn’t mind it in Dali because it was simple and more funny than anything.

    I’m liking the idea of all the different outfits he’ll be wearing though, yum !!

  • Great cherry poppin’ post MP! <3s

    • WastingTheMorning

      Thanks to you and your WP and editorial help! Mwah!

  • OMFG!! “Covering up THAT jaw might be a crime punishable by Cougar Law!” I think you are right, MP. I think it states right here, *flips pages and points* page 2, paragraph 3. How, oh how should we punish him?

    • WastingTheMorning

      Yep, it’s the Cougar Law right under “Wearing baggy pants”. Unacceptable behavior!

  • I Love Twilight Brasil

    I know that Rob will be beautiful in any way as George, but I think it is more to the style by Ralph Lauren in the fourth photo.
    Love your sites!

  • beesue

    Rob would prob like the “Ralph Lauren/HoboChic 19th century” look. Its looks more casual and comfortable! Would the women be wearing the same look – casual corsets?

  • RobsButtonsBabe

    please GOD not the never ending ‘stachebeard. PLEEEEAASSSSEEEE!!!! lol great post MP. i mean really, i loved it!

    • WastingTheMorning

      Hi RBB!

      That was there for shock value. They’d have to be morons to cover up the beautiful jaw. Dontchathink?

  • I’m sure I’m probably in the minority, but I actually really like most late 19th-century-era facial hair styles. They’re actually the ONLY kind of mustaches I’m not turned off by. Seriously. Yeah, I know, I’m odd…

    I think any of them will be better than the Dali stache. LOL

    I’m not worried at all. Actually, I’m even more excited now to see what he’ll look like for this role.

  • Kneedshelp

    I think Rob can be sexy doing about anything, but I cannoy handle the stache-beard thing. Please, please, please, for all things holy, producers/costume/hair&make-up people go with the Ralph Lauren look!!!

  • ginaransom

    I’de like to see Rob rock the never-ending stache-beard …just to make sure none of the beard hating tweenies show up to the movie & ruin it by *squeeing* the whole time. I had to re-see New Moon after going to the midnight screening cause I missed half the movie due to excessive high pitched squealing *sigh*

    • WastingTheMorning

      Now you’re talking my language! Just say no to PG-13! Down with the tweeners!

      • Surely this’ll be a 15 or 18.. don’t know the US ratings.. R/NC-17?
        So no tweenies making giggly sounds throughout the WHOLE thing a la New Moon! ahh.

        Do we know anything bout accents? are they all gonna have french accents for this and if not, what do we think they will do, keep it as a mix of what they already are make it all English or American? 🙂

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  • holdmeRansom

    I’ve said it many times (maybe not here, but now i am) Rob bearded, clean, dirty, bald, hair to his shoulders… I am all over it….
    now the flavor savor… yeah I would have to do a little trimming.. make it into some kind of foreplay.
    and when it cam to shave it after Bel Ami wraps… oh thats a delightful pic of Rob leaned up against e as i shave the hairy beast off… you know… to prepare him for BD…whenever it decides to shoot…

    I’ll take Rob any way i can get him…

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  • rpblc30

    plzzzzz!!no stachebeard! i’ll be dead if he do that on bel ami..omg ralph lauren costume gonna be the death of my vajayjay..holy cow!

  • Angie

    Ewww…. no fuzzy faces! Blah!

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