Bel Ami Filming Roundup: Cast, Crew and Locations originally reported that London filming was to begin week of February 8 where interior scenes (read: sex scenes!) will be shot. is now reporting that shooting is set to begin in London this Sunday, February 7. Sources tell that Bel Ami filming moves to Budapest, Hungary, the week of April 5 for exterior scenes. Filming is scheduled to wrap in late April.

Confirmed cast includes:

As of yet, the role of Rachel, has yet to be cast.  Check back soon to see who WE think it should be. further confirms some additions to the crew:

“The director of photography is Hagen Bogdanski (The Young Victoria, The Lives of Others); Attila F. Kovacs (Sunshine, Meeting Venus) is production designer; the costumes are designed by Odile Dicks-Mireaux (An Education, The Constant Gardener); the hair and make-up designer is Jenny Shircore (The Young Victoria, Elizabeth: The Golden Age) and the editor is Masahiro Hirakubo (The Duchess, Trainspotting).”

Screenplay by Rachel Bennette

From the novel by Guy de Maupassant

Director – Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod

  • I can´t wait for it!!!!

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  • The novel is French and the story is linked to the french culture and they decide to shoot the movie in England and Hungary??? I think it is irrelevant. Too bad I was hoping to see Rob for a second time. Anyway, good website

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  • Maguilita

    Joking me! 😀
    I’m gonna be there for the April part! Might take a look, probably…

  • Lynda from Philly

    Thanks so much for the update. This movie is gonna kill me,that is if Remember me already hasn’t!!

  • kphrase

    I’ve read a draft of the script and I cannot wait to see this film! As for the location shooting choice, I think Budapest will probably be a little cheaper to shoot in than Paris… Also, it has to have a certain era-look, so good choice. Thanks for starting this website, I look forward to all of the updates and since shooting starts Sunday there should be plenty!

  • gossip_bagkok

    HOLYCRAPPPP!!! I’m going to be in Budapest around that time!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!

  • ZyZy

    Hey guys, I am Hungarian, aand… very lucky by the way 😉

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  • Natalia

    Hi guys, I love your blog a lot, thanks for starting it. I hesistate a lot weather to go to Budapest or not in April. It will be my only occasion to see Rob at least from a distance but I wonder if it’s possible at all to see actors while they film. I mean are they available at all for fans? I’m not a crazy fan, I love and respect Rob as a great actor he is and wish him all the best and I just wanted to get a glimpse of this gorgeous man. So what shall I do?

  • Rosie

    Does anyone know where exactly in london the filming will be taking place, would love to go along for a sneek peek thanks x

    • diadema

      any news where the filming in london!???
      I’l bee there by end of this week
      shjould begreat to get there for a sneek peek

  • Natalia

    And I would love to know the filming location in Budapest, does any kind soul knows this info?
    I would love to just see the process from afar.

  • ZyZy

    I live in Budapest, but so far I’ve not heard anything about it 🙁 If I do, I’ll post it here, ok?

    • Natalia

      Thanks ZyZy, that would be great!! It’s very kind of you. I have a friend and a colleague who lives in Budapest, she also promised to help me and check it from time to time. I hope we get some new info soon.

  • Drummer

    Just spent few days on location with this. Great fun, but I can’t tell how good it will be. Good pedigree so it should be.