Bel Ami Movie: Presently Filming On Location

A source that wishes to remain anonymous has reported that Bel Ami is now filming interior scenes on location in London at various places, but not yet in a studio. Source explains, “some is being done on a set build at the end of the UK schedule.” As we previously reported, the London portion of filming is expected to wrap just before Easter. Per the script, the interior shots include a LOT of bedroom scenes, so Bel Ami is expected to be filming at various houses in London to accommodate different looks for these scenes. Bel Ami’s script also calls for interior scenes at a couple of churches and bars.

Interior of the church named in Bel Ami, the Église de la Madeleine in Paris

Please know that will not be posting any exact filming activities during the duration of filming out of respect for the cast and crew of this film.

Which scene are you most excited to see on the silver screen?

  • I love all script!!! hot, hot, hot!!

  • holdmeRansom

    oh to be the homeowner for the bedroom scenes…..

    sigh…. too bad my los angeles apartment doesn’t look period….

  • @barnesgirl11

    Will you post afterwards so that fans can see where they filmed?

    And when I say fans I mean @barnespedward…..he LOVES following Robert around…..


  • Maguilita

    I’m excited to see the scenes from inside the church! :). (yeah, right… lol)… Father forgive me for I have sinned…

    No, seriously… I’m excited to see all scenes… The book is brilliantly writen, so I hope the movie, The Pattinson and The great Cast & Crew don’t disappoint… 🙂

    Thanks for the updates! You guys rock! 🙂
    Bring it, Bel Ami!

  • rocknmovies

    I wonder how they will recreate La Madeleine church which is not classical catholic style, but looks like a Greek temple with columns on the outside, and it’s also situated in a wealthy area of Paris.

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  • robsexme

    The sex scenes silly oh you mean specifically ?!I’m partial to the attic room scene: Georgess f*cking Rachel up against the wall *inhales deeply* before continuing…then later Rachel sitting cross legged naked on Georges bed, save only her choker, pinning her hair up curl by curl, while Georges watches, smoking his cigar… um yeah that scene just sets my girly bits all a tingle… also the scenes at Clotilde’s love nest: Georges & Clotilde going at it more slowly, tenderly and hopefully completely naked… need I say more? #imadurtyh00r 😉

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  • Gracias por toda la información, subire la noticia a mi blog siempre poniendo la fuente, como estoy haciendo desde que os encontré, pero si hay algun problema, no quereis por lo que sea, decidmelo que lo quito al momento.
    Gracias otra vez

  • Natalia

    Thanks for the information, I still hope I can make it to Budapest when they go there just to see the whole process from afar without intruding.I wish I had a nice house in London perfectly suitable for Bel Ami indoor scenes :).



    • Natalia

      I think any normal man would have it being that close to a beautiful woman and in a provocative position but from what I saw and heard, love scenes are not at all that romantic during filming as you have many people on the set, you get all kind of comments, how to place your arm, how to turn your head, etc. + the make up artist probably pokes you in the eye so I’m not sure if after all that there is still some excitement left 🙂

  • holly

    I’m looking forward to the scenes between Rob and Kristen Scott Thomas.

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  • anonymous

    I’m not sure Rob is able to get an erection….sorry!

  • Natalia

    Guys, can someone tell me what streets and places in Paris are mentioned in Bel Ami script? Thanks in advance to the kind soul that can help me with this info.

  • Wendy

    Does anyone know where the film locations are?

  • hi! 🙂 can I get an address of filming of Bel Ami? I would like to write Rob… thank you! and I’m looking forward the movie very much! I don’t know forward which scene… just forward Rob! 😀

  • Sophie

    It is being filmmed in HERTFORD, BALLS PARK. They leave today so you have to go now really. I tryed to go yesterday by saying I was going to ADVENTURE CASTLE (an indoor play area for kids) but because my friends and I were 17, as you can imagine he didnt believe us but he did let us go through. We didnt see robert Pattinson though, I think he was in a trailer. However we did see the trailers (which were very cool), cameras, camera men, the lights, makeup artists, hair stylists and body guards ect… Just a shame we didnt see Robert really. It is definitely a trip worth doing. 🙂

    • thanks! 🙂 but I’m not from Great Britain… 🙁 I just want to write him a letter with request for an autograph 🙂 don’t you know the exact address?

  • Sophie

    😀 Hope I helped x