First Pics from Bel Ami Set: Robert Pattinson is Georges Duroy

The first pics from the Bel Ami set have hit the internet! Introducing… Monsieur Georges Duroy!

Robert Pattinson is Georges Duroy

Robert Pattinson makes for a fine Parisian gentleman, doesn’t he?

Check out all 22 glorious photos of Rob/Georges aka Shagbert!

These photos are dated Wednesday, February 10, 2010.

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  • end

    Oh God!!! just killing me….
    am I so insane ?? looking his pics and my heart palpitate so hard…

    Love u so much Rob…

  • robskitty

    OME!! do i see sexpenders??? and he’s so cute with the dog in the second pic!! nice to see he cleans up so well.

  • omg!!! It´s the perfect Duroy…I´m died

  • ruchdiani

    OMR!!! Robert Pattinson is freaking hot guy ever, so sexy… and i’m in love with George Duroy already… can’t wait to see the movie

  • ohhh dios mio, voy a morir !
    que guapo por favor hmmmmmm uf

  • He’s gonna kill us all. Just sayin.

  • Andarilha

    George Duroy alive!

  • Natalia

    God, help me breath ladies, I think I died and went to heaven. Why, why, why does he need to be that HOT??? I prefer the beard as it doesn’t make my heart ache like this clean shaven angelic face with bad, dirty intentions in his pretty head. He will be the end of me for sure…

  • Fuck! that’s all i’m saying..


    Ok i’m done 😉 I like the scruff and even liked the beard, but oo er this is better!
    He’s spiffy and I like it!

  • jessiefab

    OMG the pic with the dog just hit me, isn’t he cute???. Smoking ones are so fucking sexy!!! sexy and cute at the same time how he manage?, The old fashion shirt pics..HOT, HOT, HOT!!! they made an image in my mind of his sex scenes…lucky bitches Nicole and Uma. He will rock as Duroy!

  • What is the dog doing to him(last pic)?Bad thoughts….lol

  • vampwannabe

    No one else could be Georges but Rob!Beautiful! Even without the Georges’ stache in the book, he is PERFECT!!! Just how I pictured him in the book! Rob is gonna KILL this! *sigh*

  • I can’t even form a coherent thought, ladies. I had no doubt whatsoever that he would rock the period piece costumes, but even I could not have imagined how hard he would rock that look . . . or me. Anyone else feel like they need an after-sex cigarette besides me? *died*

    • *raises hand* 😉

    • robsessedtothecore

      a cigarrete and a drink:) and I don’t even smoke..LOL

    • vampwannabe

      omg, so true. I don’t smoke, but seriously wishing i did right now *sigh*

      • For the record, I only smoke when I drink. And this boy is definitely going to drive me to drink 😉

  • robsessedtothecore

    I want to be that dog so bad … LOL , even the dog wants to be close to him?? It should be illegal to be this HOT!! Breathtaking pictures ( fanning myself) drooling uncontrollably . If this is any sign of how he’s going to look 10 years from now.. then , I am afraid we won’t last that long .. This pictures almost kill me! waiting desesperately for Bel Ami to arrive and give us the visuals of a lifetime .. Life is Good:) indeed

  • gyla

    Damn I knew he was going to floor me(THUD)Do you fuckin see that? Of course he is playing BelAmi who else would it be?I’m almost finished reading the book,but now I’m goin to start over with a book mark of the best pic here. it will be so much better the second time with a visual of BelAmi.HE is so fucking fine.

  • maiara

    oh shit i’m dead!!!
    Rob wil kick ass on this film!!!

  • robsessedtothecore

    Shagbert is a god:) can’t help looking at these Glorious Pictures , it seems like I’m overdosing with all the eye candy , it’s too much all at once , first the Remember Me pictures .. now this ? My absolute favorite as Duroy ! Thank god for this blog and the dedicated ladies (H00rs) that run it . Amazing Job:)
    (Made my day:) Still don’t understand how looking at this man gives me so much JOY???

    • YES, thanks ladies, love this blog!
      Cannot get enough of Bel Ami Rob.. Shagbert 😉

      I got the book out the library at Uni, oh the gems it holds. I’ve got me a better visual now too!

      • Yes, I have been linking back to this blog on my blog since day one and emailing the link to this blog to everyone and anyone who is a fan of Rob’s or who should be. LOL!

  • gyla

    Wouldn’t it be nice to trade places with that DOG?

  • I’m still so pissed there isn’t the stasche. sigh. He does so well with the period piece clothing.

    • I KNOW ME TOO!

    • WastingTheMorning

      Yeah, I don’t get why they went without the stache. Maybe he just took it off to smoke. Tee hee..

      • @Wasting Away the Morning – God, let’s hope not. That would mean we’re in for the fake stache like Little Ashes!

      • Oops! Didn’t type your “name” right WTM. Sorry!

  • cuanto mas lo miro mas me gusta!!!

    • jessiefab

      Es increible lo que Rob provoca, de verdad no me canso de mirar estas fotos, mejor que Remember Me, pufff!!! mejor que Twilight Shagbert la lleva!

      • mucho mejor que crepusculo eso segurisimo!!! aunque como tyler!!!!uff es un cañon

  • flying099

    Great way to start the day!!
    I’m so excited for this movie. Rob is gorgeous as Bel Ami. The sexpenders!!!!!!

  • Em

    OMG sexpenders………….period piece……….I’m DIED

    • How did I not notice the SEXSPENDERS straight away? 😀 haha.. YUM!

  • Perfect. This guy will kill me.

  • Lucky Dog!

  • spunksouth

    Oh hell yeah! I need a smoke too.

  • paola

    How beautiful!!!!! I feared that would have put him some big moustaches! Instead he is very beautiful!!!!!

  • georgina

    OMFG Rob truly pulls this one hard LOL!
    i can already see headlines after Bel Ami’s premiere, Death by His Royal Hotness Duroy……female bodies everywhere…..
    M.Duroy will be hottest man-whore in his century…just sayin 😉

  • DAS

    did anyone notice he’s holding a roll of toilet paper in pic #11? LOL

    • RobsButtonsBabe

      yes! its a current convo on twitter at the moment.

      • I have been avoiding twitter today at work because it’s a time suck on a good day, let alone a day like today. I can only imagine what it’s been like. If anyone follows Twitarded, you just know that JennyJerkface is going to have something to say about the tp/trailer pic. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Really, Rob? Really?!! One word seems appropriate here, “Shit!”

  • Rob in a suit = YUM! You know I can’t take too much of this. 😉

    (Also, OMG is he wearing sexpenders?!)

  • TLG

    Yes, I needed to see Rob in period costume! Hello, Georges. Um, is anyone else starting to think this week is Robanukah? Every day there are new photos, new clips of Remember Me, etc. Love it!

    • It’s Robsensory overload, for sure. Maybe that’s his master plan…to kill us all so he can roam around in peace. LOL!

  • Also, is it wrong that I am in envy of the dog in #21? Its face appears to be mighty close to Rob’s business.

    • robsexme

      dog envy! yup me too. so j.e.a.l.o.u.s.
      I wonder if it’s a female dog?! Lucky bitch!

  • robsexme

    *screams* Seeexxxxxxxxpenders are back!

    Wow just wow he’s gorgeous as Georgess (yes i’m rhyming) I’ve really lost my sauce now!

  • Natalia

    I want to be this dog, I want to be the cigarette in his mouth, I was to be the air he breaths, I want to be his bodyguard, I don’t want to be the roll of toilet paper or only when he holds it in his hand LOL. Robby, Robby, what do you do to me… Oh, I also LOVE hot boots.

    P.S. On picture 20 on the left there are some strange legs, 3 pairs, looks like a reflection in the glass or plastic, may be fans?

  • BiteThatLipRob

    He’s hotter than the Georges in my head and Georges has been on my Literature’s Most Fuckable list forever!!

  • i wish he had to speak with a french accent for this film….*le sigh*

    • Natalia

      I wish he could speak French simply, his French is great and very sexy.

  • YIDJ

    Am I supposed to keep on studying after THOSE pics? I mean, really? I think I’m dead now…
    Seriously, now..why does he have to be that HOT? It cannot be legal, can it?
    So jealous of the dog right now, or the cigarette for that matter..
    This film’s gonna be sooo good..and the end of me as well :))

    • I know!! I have shit loads of Uni work to be doing and all these pics and clips for Remember Me.. Ugh, i-can’t-stop-looking!! :p

      *NOT complaining.. gimme more anytime*

      • YIDJ

        LOL I see I’m not the only one.. 🙂
        I know! Oh those Remember Me clips, I just can’t stop watching them over and over.. he’s just so adorable =)Is it March yet?!
        So yeah.. I’ve got a freakin biology exam tomorrow and I still can’t bring myself to take my eyes off of the screen.. not that I complain really, I’ll pick staring endlessly at Rob over studying anytime LOL
        We don’t seem to ever get enough of this man, do we? 😉

      • No, never enough 😉 haha!
        – Good luck with your exam! –

        Ahh March.. we (UK) get it April!! I’m gonna be so fucking spoiled by that time.
        And yes *nods head frantically* i’d rather be looking at Rob than the endless researching I should be doing right now :s ha!

      • YIDJ

        Thanks!;) Same to you dear! Hoping that the researching you’re supposed to be doing will be as fun as drooling over Rob..LOL let’s hope it’s bearable at least 😉
        April..that’s too bad, comes out on the 19th of March over here, in Spain so not that big of a difference anyway..but yeah, we’ll probable have seen the whole movie before it even hits theatres.. I hate spoilers but I can’t help but watch them though! LOL

      • I’m sure I can sneak some Rob pics in to my, erm research viewing.. it IS a photography degree afterall 😉 haha.

        Ye not too much difference. I can’t help it either, in some ways I don’t wanna see loads of clips for things cuz then we get so much of the film before it’s out and then we’re not left with much surprise.. but at the same time I want it all cuz i’m impatient! ha :p

      • Haha I’m sure you can..It’ll always motivate you to keep going, just an incentive to work more enthusiastically.. LOL
        I know.. that’s exactly the way it is. It’s like you think about avoiding those spoilers cuz you wanna be surprised when you see the film but once you’re just a click a way from them, you can’t help yourself, can you? 😉
        I’m such a hopeless case when it comes to spoilers..LOL

      • Yep we’re a right hopeless pair 😀
        And i’ve officially succeeded in getting NO work done! oh well.. gives me more time to get cracking and read Bel Ami, I knew the uni library was good for something ha!

        ps. I sent you a request on twitter 🙂

      • YIDJ

        LOL I see..hoping you get to do some work today, the daily Robfix is essentil to make it through the day though, isn’t it? 😉
        Yeah.. that’s something I’ve gotta do some of these days, I need to go get a copy of Bel Ami, I never get around to it though..x)
        So have you finally started reading it? 🙂
        By the way, remember the biology exam I told you about yesterday? It went pretty well actually.. I think it’s Rob what inspired me while doing it LOL

        Great! I accepted your request and I’m following you now as well 😀

      • Ha, I haven’t done any work but been productive in other -moreboring- areas.. cleaning, exercising. ugh!

        And now I shall reward myself by looking at some yummy Remember Me clips ..again 😉 you can never watch them too many times, right?

        Aww i’m glad the exam went well!

        I haven’t started reading it yet but I read the script and liked it so i’m sure i’ll be able to get in to it. And knowing who the cast are going to be gives you good visual 🙂

      • YIDJ

        Well, that’s great! My room’s in serious need of a clean up but I can’t be bothered, just the thought of having to put in order all that stuff from school..LOL Maybe later..Once I’ve watched all the Remember Me clips for the millionth time, yeah,..I may reconsider it then LOL

        Thanks! I seriously don’t now what came over me but I’m glad I managed to do it fairly well, despite I hadn’t really studied a lot (and Rob’s totally to blame) 🙂

        That’s cool, I’m currently reading the script, I know I shouldn’t but I just can’t help myself! Yeah, it’s so much better to read it when you’re able to picture Rob performing 😉

      • Ye definitely! I’ve never been a big reader really before the Twilight books and now I find myself wanting to read more and to branch out a bit too.
        Although i’ve only ever read one script (Bel Ami) I couldn’t help it either.. And i’m sure there’ll still be some surprises 😉 when it evnetually comes out!

  • Kelly

    All i can say is WOW! WOW! WOW!!! He looks amazing in period costume!! I certainly wouldn’t say no!!!

  • Shae

    sexpenders, a dog and TP what a morning LOL

    • foof76/AwesomeSauce76

      So I’m not crazy, that IS toilet paper, right?? Man… he even manages to look smexy while sneaking off to his trailer to drop a deuce.

  • saplife4me

    OH. MY. GOD. Shagbert has turned my mind into mush. I can’t stop talking like Pepe Le Pew. I just want to grab him and start kissing him all over.
    “Oh Shagbert,*in Pepe Le Pew voice* thees ees my first affair so please be kind.” *le sigh*

    mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah. . .

  • pam

    he’ll probably be chaffed around the waist area from the high rise pants he needs to wear for this flick since he’s obviously not use to them…so i’m volunteering right now…first dibs…on a lube and oil massage! just email me on when and where!!!!!

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  • foof76/AwesomeSauce76

    *GULP* Well, I guess there’s no cheesy handlebar moustache for him, huh? Good Lord… my ovaries seriously hurt.

  • Julia

    I love to stay and agree with everyone when I say that rob is a fine looking man just my age to. I am glad I have some one to dream about meeting one day and it being rob is more dreamable cause knowing that people like us or should I say me can never have that happen which is sad but good to atleast dream. Love the pictures I think every pic he has ever taken are breath taken and at the same time I think _ know him like if we were friends. Anyway enough of dreaming pics love em.

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  • ginaransom

    My first thought was “Lets just hope that he doesent recycle his set clothes to wear around in RL”

    …then I saw the Old Skool sexspenders & I have graciously reconsidered. Hey Rob, my mom is a tailor, & could totally take the waistline down on those pants. 😉 Extra incentive: We have lovely dumpsters in Minnesota, dontcha knooow?! teehee.

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  • Deise Ferreira

    It’s amazing the energy that transmits Robert! …
    It has everything to be a huge star: it is beautiful, tall, talented and charismatic super! …
    In his new job he will have the chance to act with the muses of cinema, and I’m sure, Bel Ami is a success!

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  • Jane

    Man… oh… man… oh… man…oh…man!

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