Bel Ami Movie: 1890’s Glam?

As has reported, shooting has begun on interior shots in London.  Let’s have a look at the costumes.

So if the men look like this…

I know we've seen it, but that just DOES NOT get old.
What will stars Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and the rest of the female cast be wearing?  Find out after the jump!

Confirmed costumer for Bel Ami will be Odile Dicks-Mireaux, known for such films as 10,000 BC, The Bank Job and The Constant Gardener.

The shape of women’s clothing went through a lot of changes in the late 1800’s:  pre-hoop, hoop, bustle, no bustle and bustle again, just to name a few. Because of all of this and without knowing the specific year the film will be staged in, it’s hard to determine exactly what we’ll see. Our guess is late 1890’s in order to use the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop.

With a setting of 19th Century Paris, France, we should find ladies in to-die-for fabrics with exquisite detailing, cascades of silk and ultra feminine clothes.

In the later quarter of the 19th century there was a proliferation of women’s magazines, so a woman with money would have been up to date on all the latest fashion trends. These ladies knew how to bring it.

The Day Dress
July 1896, The Delineator - Ladies' Toilette
Evening Dress Ladies of this era were still bound in corsets to give them that oh-so-dainty hourglass shape. An example of this will be shown in the way Georges has to tie Clotilde’s corset with a bow exactly like her husband does, after an afternoon tryst.
Ball Toilette - Illustrirte Frauen-Zeitung, 1 December 1893

Seriously, our eyes bug out just imagining this.

That does not look comfortable.

And what will our dear Georges find under these elegant gowns? Bloomers, corsets and petticoats with layers and layers of fabric await our young ShagBert.

That's a lot of skirt to get under. Just sayin.
Hair will be up, embellished with tiaras, jewels and combs. Expect a lot of accessories like hats, fans and gloves.
Don't worry, I'm sure Thurman and Ricci can pull this off.

What do you guys think?

It looks like Rob won’t be rockin the skeezy stache, can the ladies of Bel Ami pull off the 1890’s glam?

  • is it weird that i totally want to rock a corset?

  • robskitty

    Corsets make me think TB!! Thank goodness no one wears them routinely any more. You’re right as well about the number of petticoats and the amount of underwear these 1890’s women wore; the lure of that extracurricular activity for georges must’ve been really worth it! And let’s not forget the furniture fashions–all table legs had to be covered and people never talked about their “legs”. No they were called “Limbs” and that included the furniture. lol Isn’t it wonderful that we’ve gotten past all that!

  • WastingTheMorning

    So what you’re saying is sex in the 1890’s took 1 hour and 5 minutes? 1 hour to undress, 5 minutes of actual intercourse. No such thing as a quickie in the 1890’s..

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  • Actually, most underwear of the day was split at the crotch, so while you were fairly restricted up top by your corset, your lady bits were … free as a bird. *cough* So a quickie could happen quite easily. *cough*

    How do I know this? My hubby and I do Civil War reenacting.

    And that’s all I’m gonna say about that! 😉