Robert Pattinson at BAFTA Awards

Robert Pattinson walked the red carpet of the BAFTA Awards on 2/21/10 sporting his Bel Ami hair and sideburns.

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  • holdmeransom

    *whimpers and rocks back and forth*
    the drought the drought! it’s offically over!
    it’s like when you get no rain and then a deluge!
    it overflows and you can’t take it in fast enough!

    *back to clicking and downloading and rocking and whimpering*

  • He looks so much younger and more confirmation that he will not be sporting a stache for Bel Ami (or at least not a real one).


  • robsessedtothecore

    Wet Rob is always a winner on my book:) That smile and adorkability is too much to take. That boy always put me in the mood…*wink*
    I so want him!!

  • Natalia

    Tu es adorable mon bel ami!!! Rob is gorgeous as always… He is a very handsome man and he really matured and became even more stunning. Way to go Rob! I can’t wait to see him in Remember Me and especially in Bel Ami.