Bel Ami Foreplay: Script Secret #5

In Bel Ami Script Secret #5, we join Georges, the ladies and their husbands at the dinner table discussion. They have just wrapped up eating their meal and have been discussing a uprising in Morocco. Since we are unsure if the final filming script includes the uprising, because the setting has changed to 1890s in the final script, we’re going to skip this and look in on what happens at dessert.

What’s for dessert?

Yes, please, let’s talk about something else.

(to Georges)

I can’t bear politics. Men talking about men fighting with men about men. It bores me stupid.

What does interest you?

I like enjoying myself.

And what do you enjoy?

She thinks, smiling, as she reaches out and takes a cherry from a fruit bowl.

She drops it into her glass of wine.


The little diamond dewdrop trembles at her earlobe.

It looks as if it is sliding over her skin. Georges’ eyes drop to her throat as if following its path. She turns to him. She knows he has been watching her.

But then, suddenly –

Alright. You. “Diary of a Cavalry
Officer.” Give me the first article
tomorrow morning.

You realise he’s never written a word –

That doesn’t matter.

She smiles her mysterious, alluring smile.

I’ll help him get started.

Georges bounds down the grand staircase two steps at a time, down to the first landing.

There, he stops suddenly, confronted by his own reflection in a grand, floor-length mirror. He is no longer a scruffy exsoldier in a borrowed suit. He sees youth, strength, sex, power. It is electrifying, narcotic. He exults in his own beauty.

He swaggers on down the stairs.

So what do you think, is Georges a cocky mofo or what?!

  • Sus

    Oh, yes, he is! Have read both the script and the book, and he is defs f*cking his way to the top of society. Can’t wait to see this. Didn’t Rob look cute @ the BAFTAS? He looked like Georges to me, with his hair and all. I thought he looked really young, too!

  • Oh yes, and we love him for it! (Or should I say, Rob AS him. *fans self*)

  • ihopatz

    As fine looking as Rob is, Georges should be cocky!

  • es hermoso de cualquier forma

  • Lins

    Definitely. Rob as a cocky mofo…sexy as fuck! LoL

  • PCullen1974

    These script secrets have me so intrigued and Georges is a cocky mofo and I can’t wait to see Rob in this role. I love it!

  • Natalia

    Ok, may be I’m crazy but I felt pity for George in the end, I mean, he got what he wanted but was he happy? I don’t think so… I can’t wait to see Rob in this role.

    • WastingTheMorning

      Not just you. I felt pity for him too. I think he sort of sold his soul sometime around the middle of the story. And it wasn’t a good thing.

  • SmileMouse

    haha. I love it! Can’t wait to see Rob play this character…its gonna be great!
    and it proves how versatile he is as an actor because its so different from his previous roles x

  • kphrase

    Thank you for putting together this site, it’s so much fun keeping up with the filming of Bel Ami. Rob is going to melt the panties off of every woman in the theater when this movie comes out! For me, not only do I get Rob, but I LOVE period films and especially this time period. The Victorian era was rampant with double standards. The ladies had to appear demure on the outside, but could be very naughty behind closed doors. Plus the costumes should be gorgeous!

  • Marina

    Thnak you for this lovely site, it’s really great! I can’t wait to see Rob in this film. I loved the book, it should be so good!

    • WastingTheMorning

      Welcome! Keep checking back with us! We’ll try to provide Bel Ami info as soon as it becomes available.

  • Oh yea…I see it. Damn this movie is gonna be hot!

  • ginaransom

    Well I just thought Ide throw this out there.. When I was reading Bel Ami (the book, not the script) I always pictured CLOTILDE as older, fatter, and uglier then Ms. Ricci, I dont know why I did, but I just did… But good for Rob, he doesnt have to have schmexy times with a Roseanne wanna-be. Cause thats what CLOTILDE would have looked like had I cast her. Sorry Rob. 😛

  • Liz

    I think women all over the world will be swooning after this movie comes out. Cocky as a mofo yes, but I would sleep with him also if I was married!

  • yes he is!

    loved this post – especially with all the photos and such. it helps to imagine the scene.

    this is my 2nd “go to” blog besides “Robsessed”. 🙂

    all i need to say is, this movie better be rated R dammit!

  • spunksouth

    Having read the entire script, I can’t imagine anyone else in this role. There are numerous scenes in it that seem to have been written with him in mind. Cocky Rob is going to kill us all.

  • yes he is!

    loved this post – especially with all the photos and such. it helps to imagine the scene.

    this is my 2nd “go to” blog besides “Robsessed”. 🙂

  • neverthink

    ummm…georges will be well *ahem* served by master p. 😉

  • che

    just read the script couple days ago and i loved it.i’m so exciting about that movie and i think whole cast is gonna be perfect.but i’m sure it’ll be really hard to handle it cuz Rob just gonna burn out me.i felt pity not for Georges but for Virgine

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