23 Additional Photos of Robert Pattinson on Set of Bel Ami Today

More shots of Robert Pattinson on the set of Bel Ami today for you to feast your eyes on!

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  • Consider this your 23 good deeds for today.

    2nd to last photo: BOOTYLICIOUS. That is all.

  • Natalia

    Thanks for great pictures but I saw his top hat a bit differently. Rob looks great in a hoodie too :).

  • Valerie

    He looks great. I just want to tickle his knee through that rip in his jeans, lol

  • ihopatz

    SQUEE!!!! Thanks for these girls! Yeah, cuz I haven’t had enough hotness for one week.

  • chico’s mama

    he looks like he is expecting someone to jump out a bush and attack him…and there are those who would.

  • gyla

    Thank you so much. Love that man. 🙂

  • Very spiffy 😉
    While i’m loving the yummies from this.. can’t wait to also see some of what the ladies will look like in their get up too!

  • spunksouth

    Love the period costume, but can’t stop staring at the jeans and the hair as well as that scruffy jaw line peeking out from behind the hoodie. Pure, unequivocal sexy beyond measure.

  • Dorym

    Soo Gorgeous!