Robert Pattinson Talks Bel Ami with Pierce Brosnan

Robert Pattinson Talks Bel Ami with Pierce Brosnan (skip to 4:30 mark for Bel Ami comments)


  • Sue

    Wow!! What an awesome and heartfelt interview…two of my favorite actors.

  • Shannyn Bessette

    That was a great interview! Rob as much as I love Edward, I am looking forward to you moving up and on as well. Little Ashes was incredible…and I can’t wait for Remember Me. I think Pierce is a good influence 🙂

  • Kelly

    I second that! Wow, what a lovely interview!! With 2 great actors! Just love rob’s down to earth personality! I think he’s got a great acting career ahead of him!

  • Michele

    I loved this interview – loved it!!!

  • TLG

    I really enjoyed this. I don’t watch all the interviews with Rob with various media outlets because frankly, after a while, the questions become inane and his answers become on autopilot (I feel bad for the guy for having to do them). But I actually really enjoyed just watching two actors discuss the films, etc.

    I love Rob but I thought this was interesting to watch just how different he and Pierce act. Rob is so self-conscious and fidgety and Pierce is so confident and self-assured. I’m sure that comes with age and experience. I really am looking forward to seeing Remember Me and I’m so glad that Rob got a chance to work with talented actors like Pierce and Chris Cooper.