First Look at Philip Glenister as Charles Forestier

First Look at Philip Glenister as Charles Forestier as he makes his way through the crowd to shoot his scenes with Robert Pattinson inside The Gavotte set of Bel Ami.

If you are curious what shots are taking place today, check out Script Secret #3.


  • dee

    I have to say thank you to everyone involved with this website. Once again you have given us the most up-to-date Bel Ami info. All of the pictures posted today are so great..the costumes, the top hat and especially the pics of Rob. This movie will be fantastic.

  • thanks1111!;D

  • I cannot wait for this film and these pictures are like water to a dying man in the desert! Thanks

  • Kat

    Finally, the man I was looking for! After finishing filming Ashes to Ashes, Phil probably took a couple of weeks to grow a mustache for the role before turning up!Ok for the part but PLEASE shave straight after you finish shooting, Phil!!! 🙂