Natalia Tena talks nudity in Bel Ami recently stumbled across a revealing MySpace post from Natalia Tena. While lamenting on her struggle to quit smoking Natalia, who portrays the prostitute Rachel in Bel Ami, muses about her nudity in the film and her upcoming filming schedule.  On February 24th she posted the following on her official MySpace page, she states:

“I start Bel Ami in less than 2 weeks, slightly nervous especially seeing as you’ll see my naked cleavage, which by then, might have sagged irrevocably.”

According to her comment, this would mean Natalia is scheduled to start work on her Bel Ami scenes any day now.  I have two words for you “wall sex” hella  yeah!

Natalia to start filming any day now.

One of Natalia’s scenes as Rachel is revealed in Script Secret #3, warning this is a spoiler.

To read the rest of her humorous post click here.

  • robsessedtothecore

    I bet that she’s “irrevocably ” grateful that is her cleavage the one that will be caress by our ROB, I bet she’s not just gonna show it , she’s hoping for some action as well… “lots of Wall Sex ” I am hoping for a lot of action! Oh the wait is unbearable..

  • chico’s mama

    i quit 2 years ago and guess what? no difference in saggage. LOL nat, you’ll be glad the girls get to do what they are going to do. relax..injoy

  • Natalia

    I have exactly the same first name as her :). Nice and funny comment.

  • this chick played ‘tonks’ in the harry potter movies.

  • Sus

    Boy, this sounds like it’s gonna be a h*ll of a romp….”LOTS of sex..” as Rob put it! Hella yes is right!!!