Rob talks about his accent some more..

During promo for Remember Me, Robert Pattinson recently spoke to Fandango about using his English accent in films.

The interviewer told him his fans would love to see him using his British accent in a Jane Austen film.  I may have gotten a tingly sensation down below imagining him as Darcy. But I digress.  Then he talks about how he’s using his British accent in Bel Ami.  Check out the 1:47 mark in this video.

Honestly, I think the majority of his fans don’t care what accent he uses. In the (slightly changed) words of the lovely Jen (myRobPattinson), he could speak Ewok – we’d still go see him.

  • Michele

    I’d love to see Rob as Heathcliff – but he is already kind of Heathcliff as Edward, isn’t he?

  • yo me quedo con el sr darcy de lizy (orgullo y prejuicio)

  • TippyL

    I prefer his English accent. I think it was a huge mistake (ok, maybe not huge, but defs a mistake) on Summit’s part not to get him a dialect coach. They’re so cheap, they don’t spring for good wigs so I’m sure they’re not springing for a dialect coach, but I think his American accent needs work. He has a weird American accent in Remember Me.

    I’m thrilled that they are having him use a proper English accent in Bel Ami. Austen can’t be far behind, right?? Persuasion needs a good update – he can be Captain Wentworth in another 5-7 years.