History for Hire works hard to find authentic props for ‘Water for Elephants’

Richard Verrier of the Los Angeles Times ran a feature today (well it’s actually dated March 24, 2010) on the Hollywood Prop Shop that is working to make the film “Water for Elephants’ authentic and true to the times.  He wrote:

The movie: an adaptation of Sara Gruen’s 2006 bestselling novel “Water for Elephants,” about a veterinary student who quits his studies to join a traveling circus.

The scene: a group of students, circa 1931, on the campus of Cornell University.

Jim Elyea’s task: to make sure the briefcases the students are carrying look authentic when the film begins shooting this May in Santa Paula, Calif.

The co-owner of the History for Hire prop house in North Hollywood combs through a 1931 Sears catalog in his 5,000-book library, finds the correct design and selects the appropriate model among his collection of 400 vintage briefcases.

Props play an important role in this Depression Era Film

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