Robert Pattinson’s Script Problems

Robert Pattinson has difficulty remembering scripts and needs assistance.

Robert Pattinson can’t remember his lines.

The ‘Remember Me’ actor admits he constantly needs someone on set to help him with scripts as he has such a poor memory.

He said: “When we do ‘Twilight’ there is always someone there who takes care of everything and feeds you your lines. I read a lot on set, but as soon as I shut the book I can barely remember the last line I’ve just read.”

Robert, who is currently working on drama movie ‘Bel Ami’ with Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci, says his problem has been highlighted while making the film because director Declan Donnellan is more used to working with stage actors and expects the same levels of dedication from his screen stars.

He told Germany’s Focus magazine: “We’re just shooting ‘Bel Ami’ and Declan Donnellan is directing it. He usually does stage productions and expects me to know all of my lines – like a stage actor.

“No chance! I realised how rusty and slow my brain has become.”

Robert has previously confessed to having to take part in “disturbing” sex scenes in ‘Bel Ami’.

He said: “The sex scenes with Uma are disturbing. Her character uses sex as a weapon and my character thinks like an animal.”

‘Bel Ami’ is currently filming and has a preliminary release date of 2011.

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  • robskitty

    I think more than anything Rob needs a vacation very very badly. He’s not getting enough rest between films nor at night–get ur minds out of the gutter, hoors!–and they’ve got him scheduled for all these press junkets all the time with no rest in between. I feel sorry for him. Someone needs to take that young man in hand and tell him to slow down a bit before he has a breakdown or winds up in the hospital with exhaustion. Love you Rob!! but do start taking it a little easier!

  • tinkrbe1l3

    awwww poor baby!!! i’ll run lines with him if he’d like LOL stimulate that brain

  • The man is a Taurus, this doesn’t surprise me at all!

  • Shae

    I agree, he’s going to burn himself out he looks exhausted all the time, that’s definitely not conducive to good memorization skills.

  • preboomer

    That is strange because Chris Cooper talked
    about how Robert was always prepared.
    He has way too much on his plate for his
    age. At least he will talk about it.

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  • aprilI

    Seriously, I just hope he doesn’t burn out. He has been going non stop for what, 3 years. If he isn’t making a movie, he’s promoting one. He’s only 23 years old. I really don’t think anyone will just “forget” him that quickly. I see him as another johnny depp. I don’t want to see him end up burnt out and doing something stupid because he can’t take it anymore. This past year, I can’t even begin to imagine how he must feel not being able to have a normal life. even if you don’t “go out” all the time. you still would like to be one of those celebrities that can still walk the streets of at least LA or NYC and not be malled to death by a 15 year old. I don’t even think he could walk around a town w/ a population of 500 and not have people notice him. “edward” is one popular character. it is truely amazing and unreal. i can diferentiate between rob and edward, some crazy’s out there can’t. i’d like him to be around for a long time making movies, making us fans happy.

  • mmmm….all i could focus on was the ‘disturbing sex scenes’ part. (fans self)

  • Natalia

    Again, the words about disturbibg sex scenes were taken from the interview that apparently he never gave before, they are just strangely familiar.

    I agree that Rob is simply tired, exhausted and not so far away from a nervous breakdown (I hope he will never have it of course!). This is just inhuman to work non stop like that and he is soon going to promote Twilight 3 and again all the craziness around him will show up. I think now it’s a pretty “quiet” period considering that very few people stalk him in London… Poor guy, he deserves a good vacation somewhere in Siberia where there are no people at all but just beautiful nature, wild and relaxing. I hope he will get some rest soon.

  • TippyL

    All I read was “sex as a weapon” and “animal.” Sorry, what was he saying about remembering lines?

  • McD7

    Hopefully after this film he’ll do more cerebral stuff…like upright roles…getting tired of watching him allow himself to be pimped out for his “sex appeal”. Seems like he’s not giving long range much thought in some of these film choices he’s making…

  • Wylde

    Not very professional if you ask me! If you can’t remember what your suppose to say WHY ACT!

  • Shana

    That’s a shame cuz I loved to see the man onstage. I feel like actors really should memorize their lines so that they can stay in character. Of course stage acting & film acting are very different & require very different skills.