Pivotal Scene in Bel Ami Film shot earlier this week

Set insiders are reporting that earlier this week a very pivotal Bel Ami scene involving Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and Philip Glenister was filmed. BelAmiFilm.com has found details about the scene which we will post after the cut since they may be considered spoilers.

Philip Glenister

In a comment made about the picture above, the source reported that:

This was taken when he (Charles Forestier) was in good health. Don’t worry, you’ll see him looking a lot worse in the movie! Wait and see! We just shot his (BAF: Glenister aka Charles aka Uma’s Husband) death scene.

If you’ve read the book or the script you will know that the death scene of Charles Forestier is a turning point in the relationship between Georges Duroy, played by Robert Pattinson, and Madeleine Forestier, played by Uma Thurman. This is starting to get so exciting!

BelAmiFilm.com is working to get more details from the source so stay tuned.

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  • Sus

    Philip looks like a good choice for Charles! I’ve read the script and the book, so no spoiler alert for me! Thanks for this site. It’s going to be amazing when this movie is released. Is there an actual release date yet?

  • delennv

    Philip IS a good choice for Charles and yes, that is a pivotal scene… read the book and script… cant wait til the movie…

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  • RobLovePatts

    Bel Ami/Robert Pattinson filming location at Dorney Court 24th March
    I sent email to http://www.dorneycourt.co.uk and got: “Yes we had one day’s filming of Bel Ami on the 24th”! http://twitpic.com/1b4sm3
    First @NattyPonDeTrack twitted 24Mar:
    ~ OMFG My Mum Just Saw Rob Pattinson & Uma Thurman Filming Near Me I’m So Going Right Now :O Christina Ricci Is In This Movie Too :O
    Later replied to me:
    ~ @RobLovePatts Yes He Was Filming For Bel Ami! He Was Dressed In Victorian Clothes 😀 It Was In Dorney Court 😀