Robert Pattinson and his new found…fluff

Robert Pattinson has put on some pounds to accurately portray his Bel Ami character, Georges. contributor Late2thepartee thought his suit was padded! An interview with Robert has surfaced and he explains his… fluffiness. Robert told German magazine Gala,

“I had to gain weight for my role in ‘Bel Ami’. The character used to live under really bad conditions and drink a lot for about six years, that’s why I want to look battered.”

Well, Rob, mission accomplished! The shabby suit and the extra pounds reflect just that!


  • OutOfMyElement

    More of him to love!

  • Shae

    hey it’s okay with me lol I always thought he should get together with Kellan and have him help Rob get a little beefier it’d be hot lol.

  • Battered or not, STILL HOT.

  • Lynda from Philly

    A fluffier Rob is still a very sexy Rob. I always said a little more meat on his bones would be fantastic. Yep, more of him to love! Rob would still be super sexy no matter how he looked! Wouldn’t matter to me, I def wouldn’t kick him outta bed!

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  • So what?
    I’m sure he’ll look hot anyway…

  • FMP

    He looks better in my opinion.

  • ihopatz

    I like him fluffy….YUM!

  • He looks hot either way and i’m excited to see a sturdy Georges getting it on, ha! 😉

  • kia

    I think he’s always hot, but with a few extra kilos I actually think he looks better!

  • TippyL

    Oh please. I can’t imagine he gained more than 8 lbs. I mean, look at the Remember Me London premiere pix – he’s still skinny. Battered? That’s just his excuse to come in hung over. Love fluffy/skinny/battered Rob.