Photos: New Photos of Robert Pattinson as Georges Duroy

New Photos of Robert Pattinson as Georges Duroy

Admit it, you love me.


  • Annie

    Yes! Yes! I admit I love you! *died*

    • diadema

      so wow!!!!!!!!!!he’s amazing!!!!!!
      how long they are going to shooting in Budapest?? Are Uma there too??????

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  • Pam

    This has become my new favorite site. I can’t wait to see Uma in her costumes too. I swear Rob was made for these period clothes. They just “suit” him. Some actors would look a bit foolish in these clothes. It’s like Rob was meant for them. He just looks so distinguished. And Kristen looks great as always. I love the detail on her dress. Was that too much gushing? LOL!

  • I’m sorry but the top hat is killing me in the best way ever… thud

  • I´m died….No words…………

  • Eileen

    Wow, this man is going to kill us all. Will go with someone to the cinema who knows CPR otherwise I’m not going to survive!

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  • Natalia

    Rob needs to be chained for killing so many women LOL. But I wouldn’t put him to jail…*evil laugh*.

    God, does this man know how many victims of his hotness suffer now?

  • rpblc30

    omg my vajayjay just die! hahahah

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  • incredible your site and I love the Rpattz photos….he is an angel….
    kisses 🙂

  • Camel

    This pictures are from the!!! Not from the popsugar…

    • If you look closely all the pictures are watermarked with PopSugar.

      • Camel

        Yes, but they stole from the HUNGARIAN site!

  • G.K.

    all of these pictures are taken by hungarian fans.there’s no foreign “press” on location,or at least there weren’t any yesterday and neither today.

  • saplife4me

    OMG, the black leather gloves. Why oh why do they tempt me so??

  • Crystal

    Can someone please explain…I just finished reading the book last night but a lot of the characters and scenes I’m reading about in the movie were not in the book. Do I have an old version of the book? Anyone know where I can read the script?

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  • robskitty

    i don’t think my lady bits are gonna survive bel ami’s shooting! all these beautiful, fuckhawt pics of this gorgeous man . . . . . THUD!! Can you say D.I.E.D.?

  • chico’s mama