Rob speaks Hungarian to fans on set

Roughly translated, “Thanks for being quiet.”

You can seriously hear the swooning.



Closer video of Rob as he speaks Hungarian to the fans..


  • you can hear the swooning on both sides of the screen haha

  • Crystal

    That’s hilarious!!!!! That man would have to boil kittens or something to turn off women.

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  • blessy

    we (hungarian fans) respect Rob and don’t go nuts, so we were stooding and waiting for Rob in silence while he was shooting his scenes. and here comes the result.. In comparison to american fans who shriek all the time, climb over fences, and jump onto him. those girls should learn from us a LOT!:DD

    • HappyZolushka

      You know, you might not realize that, but you sound very rude. may be you didn’t mean to, it’s just not perfect English, but it is rude… By the way, this site is created by American fans of Rob, as well as many other beautiful sites. (I am not American)

      • pricelesspath

        well, I am American and agree with commenter above.
        Not all Americans are crazy & shriek all the time.

      • blessy

        You’re right, reading back it sounded a little hard. I didn’t mean it to all the american fans, it was just based on Remember Me filming and videos and what I read in RP interviews about the NY set. and yeah, my English is not perfect, sorry for that. I’m just proud of those hungarians (and me XD), who let the set be in silence and let the crew work. But, on the other hand, there are also a lot of hungarian fans, who don’t know how to behave properly and always ask questions about the hotel where Rob stays and stuff. So sorry if I was rude, and I was, I know, I was just very proud at that moment. and it’s not that there aren’t sane american fans, I’m proud of those americans, too, who can restrain their craziness about Rob, and try to respect the work. It was not about the nationality (but i know it seemed this way), it was about the fans who went totally crazy a lot of times in America. because most of these kind of fans live there.
        (let me know if my English is ununderstandable):D

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  • blessy

    *standing 😀 (sorry but my english is quite bad)

  • bibi

    So delightfully charming! Whoosh goes my heart.

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  • Pingback: Rob Speaking to Fans in Hungarian « Thinking of Rob – It's all about Robert Pattinson()

  • i have uploaded my video aswell:

  • Kelly

    So adorable! That’s why we love him!

  • ~Anna~

    Hi, I’m a hungarian and I have to tell you he has a great accent :):):) Tomorrow I’ll go out too :):):) Wooohoooo :):):)

    • WastingTheMorning

      Great! Make sure to send us any pictures you may get at the set! Have fun!

  • Dee

    I love to see Rob interacting with fans. If the paparazzi would leave him alone he would do this more often. How lucky the Hungarian fans are!

  • Charming! Adorable! Cute! Amazing! What else to say…Oh God I’m in love with him, I wanna divorce! lol ツ

  • rob speaking in any language is hot!

  • that was so nice of him !!

  • Marina

    So cute of him to do this and so nice to try and learn a few words of Hungarian!

  • gossip_bagkok

    Question: where does the set take place lol? I know it’s in Budapest, but where exactly?? LMAO! 😛 Thanks

    • orsoleya

      it takes place in different places all around in the historical part of Budapest. Budapest has two parts Buda and Pest, river Danube flows between them. they spent the past two days on Pest side. Sunday they shoot in Andrássy street by the Hungarian State Opera. The whole street is part of the world heritage and was made as a kind of copy of the Champs Elysees in Paris in the 19.century. Yesterday they were in the 5h district.

  • Sus

    OMGawd! That is the cutest thing! Rob looked kind of embarrassed, but darling!!! Such a sweetie!

  • bibi

    This is for anyone who hasn’t seen “Remember Me”. Please go and take people you care about. It has so much depth and meaning. Best movie I’ve seen in years[promise]. Rob is outstanding. And guys love it!

    • Dee

      I agree. Everyone I know that has seen it has loved it.

  • Natalia

    That was very sweet of Rob and it just proves how he appreciates “silent” fans, he is so tired of screams, poor baby. I hope it continuess the same way in a civilized manager, without hysteria and with respect.