More pics from the set

Monday was a busy day on the set of Bel Ami. Here are even more pics for you to enjoy.

More after the jump….

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  • Hungary is making me hungry for Rob. LOL!

    That first pic totally makes me think BAFTA hair.

    Between updates on this site and ROAR, I’m getting nothing dong girls, but I love you for it!

  • TippyL

    White tie & tails Rob. Thank you baby Jesus.

  • Do you accidently know where he will film next week??? I’m in Hungary next week and i DON’T want to miss out to meet him.
    Please e-mail me or tweet me if you know anything! 😀
    Would be loads and loads apprechiated! 😀 xx

    • G.K.

      there’s nothing sure yet,I mean I even red that they’re gonna change days ’cause too many people know about them already.but there’s a hungarian site which has information,but still nothing on next week.I’m sure they’re gonna know something later this week (how,it’s a mystery to me:D).
      where are you coming from?

      • Natalia

        I hope they won’t change plans for this week…

      • Maja

        What about easter holidays?? Do you know will they be there at monday 5. aprile?? and can u give me link hungarian site?

  • Gemini71

    I’m disappointed that there are still no photos of Holliday Grainger as Suzanne. Does anyone know if any have appeared on the internet.

    • Natalia

      I guess she should appear soon as the scenes with her were outside scenes too.

  • Crystal

    Yay, he’s smiling!!! That man is going to be my downfall, I swear.

  • Elodie

    Hi !!! I am french and me too I go in Hungary next week in my familly and I would like to meet Robert Pattinson you are information for me ???

  • Sus

    Can I get a season pass for Bel Ami, when it’s out? I’ll just go and sit there every day, with a blanket across my lap….tee-hee! This movie is gonna be the death of me, I swear!

    • Crystal

      I know, right? I hope he doesn’t think that playing a scoundrel like Georges Duroy will turn women off, cuz I think he’s even hotter now LOL

  • chico’s mama

    he just gets better and better