NEW Robert Pattinson Pictures from filming earlier this week

These look NEW to me O.o

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  • Delicious! Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • passionsons flower

    I’m simply captivated. This is the best week ever!!!

    • Dee

      I agree!! I don’t want to leave my computer because the updates are coming so fast. It has been a great week. The girls at are doing a great job.

  • mayfrayn

    These pics are from march 29th

  • adusqa

    Please.Do you know?Will be Rob filming Bel Ami over this weekend in Budapest?

    • Maja

      Please someone answer! And do you know what about Monday 5. April?

  • Melinda

    He’s wearing a wedding ring in the top pic. He marries Uma Thurman’s character?