Bel Ami Video Outside Church

Video of Bel Ami filming outside what appears to be a church with horse drawn carriages.  Could this be the scene I THINK it is???

[vodpod id=Video.3352367&w=425&h=350&fv=]


  • Sue

    what scene are you referring to???? I vaguely remember he meets someone in the church???

  • Crystal

    I only remember Georges being in a church twice. Once to meet up with Mdme Walter, and once to marry Suzanne.

  • You’re not talking about any orgy are you?! Aw Geesh! Impure thoughts, fly away! lol

  • I was there, it’s not a church, the scene was about him going to a ball 🙂

  • I think that was the prom scene in Walter… I was here, and Robert was soo hot 🙂

  • orsoleya

    It is not the church scene, it is the same shot as the previous one just from different angle. They had last night shooting behind the National Museum.Where he is heading actually a building that belongs to the Hungarian State Radio.

  • orsoleya

    But they will shoot the church scene. We though it would be this weekend but it is easter, so they will probably do it next week some time.