HQ Photos: Robert Pattinson on Bel Ami set 4.1.10

HQ photos of Robert Pattinson on Bel Ami set 4.1.10

smiley Rob!

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  • Omg… I am ded.
    Rob all smiley and happy and cute and….(the list is too long to be displayed)
    Srsly that thing is gonna be the death of me. I guess I read waaay too much fanfic which is clearly showing now…
    When I saw him handling it yesterday my pants just went poof…

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  • Sue

    I’m lovin’ that top hat and then some!!!

  • he looks so dashing in period clothing!

  • Him with the coffee in his hand reminds me of the Remember Me shoot which again reminds me of him with that -whatever it was- in his mouth…

  • Shirlee

    Bleriana – are you talking about Rob with the stirrer in his mouth while filming Remember Me? Yeah, almost killed me too, so effing hot! He looks hot as Georges too, so seductive looking, can’t wait for the sex scenes