Robert Pattinson’s Bel Ami Stunt Double?

IS this Robert Pattinson’s Bel Ami Stunt Double/stand-in? Fans on the set of Bel Ami, currently filming in Budapest, are reporting that it is.  We’re not sure but we definitely see a resemblance. If anyone has any more details on this please let us know.

We will accept no substitutes ;-)


  • I would say that it is. That guy looks like him the most out of all of his stunt doubles thus far. I like it. *waggles eyebrows wickedly* ~Lost

  • holdmeRansom

    stunt double? stunt double?
    stunt bum? stunt double?!
    nooo…. you run just fine Rob… really you do… and please no stunt bum…or stunt stache… or stunt….anything…….

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  • fanee

    Yes, he is Rob’s hungarian stunt double. His name is Szabolcs/Szabi. I saw him on Monday afternoon, and he really look like Rob, I think. Sorry, my english is very bad..:D

  • Maguilita

    Stun double for what? I mean it… Can someone please tell me?… :)… Are there fighting scenes?… Cause I don’t think they’ll ‘use’ the double for the sex ones, or will they?
    I’m curious… Thanks for the info… 😉

  • preboomer

    Guess he could ride in a carriage for Rob.
    If Rob is doing his own running he can do
    his own carriage riding. Ha. Guy is not
    in period clothing.

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  • Carol

    Um… i think he is the stand in double… so that they can plan the scenes and the lightning so that Rob won’t have to stand so long in the set for them to set up stuff.

  • Shirlee

    As long as he is not doing the SEXUAL stunts, I don’t care. BTW – looks nothing like Rob

    • FMP


  • Georgie

    I agree with Shirlee – so long as a stunt/stand-in is not used for any of the sex scenes! I think Budapest is all outdoor filming anyway?

  • delennv

    Hopefully not in bed!

  • orsoleya

    he is not a stunt double, he is a stand in. He is Hungarian and from close ups he is different from ROb,(the girls at last night shooting said and they are right) he rather looks like Rob as Edward Cullen. He even dresses up like him. What they do that they rehears a scene, then ROb leaves the set, they do the lighting and all the other adjustments with Szabi, then when they are done, Rob comes back to do the shoot.

  • Guys, this is Thomas. Hes not a stunt, but Robs BEST FRIEND!!! This guys sisters where in the same class which Rob was in, in London. Thats how they met.

  • girl

    he’s not tom!!!!

  • Yes, Rob has a Hungarian double and his name is Szabolcs Eszes. I’m not sure that this guy is the same but the original Szabolcs Eszes looks like Edward in the Twilight. Here a picture of him. My friend made it last Sunday when we were there.!/photo.php?pid=11952900&id=379837200270

  • bree

    Szabolcs is Rob’s stunt double and he is on the picture. it was made when they were filming the advertising of hungarian x-faktor.

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  • Yes, this is Rob’s stunt double.:) I saw him three times, when Rob was in Hungary. His name is Szabolcs Eszes, and he is an actor. I think, he looks like Edward Cullen, not Robert Pattinson.:)