Video: Bel Ami sex scene excerpts!!!

Bel Ami sex scene video excerpts with Robert Pattinson have surfaced! You are about to D.I.E.!!!

  • Very funny. April Fools right? lol

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  • moonC

    bwahahahaha You got me!!!

    Love you ladies hahahahhaha

  • FP

    Awesome sex scene… wait.. what? lol 😉 Great joke guys 😉

  • Mel

    Hahahaha! Priceless. That’s a good one for April Fool’s… 😀

  • saplife4me

    *gigglesnort* Wow, that was HAWT! I think the monkeys were my favorite, or maybe the Zebras. I might have to watch again to decide. . . LMAO!

  • funny haha, i really believed it too! what a disappointment

  • lisebeth

    And the lion …. lol

  • FME and FU! I kid. I kid. Well, not the FME part. I so bought it. I even freaking went back and clicked on it again thinking I’d done something wrong. When I saw the post title, I gasped out loud and my co-workers thought something was wrong. Plus, we’re not supposed to watch videos at work (so getting fired), but I couldn’t help myself. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Susie from ApplesnFeathers

    HA HA! Thought I wouldn’t get tricked today…good job ladies!

  • Lea


  • jajajajaja muy bueno !

  • rpblc30

    what the fuuccccckkkk!!!!! i just scream at 1 a.m in the morning..gosh!! plzz dont do this again!

  • aw man. that was the best april fools joke. especially cuz i believed it. i was screamin and freakin out and then i clicked on it and… mating animals…i salute u ladies..brava

  • Sus

    Very f’ing funny, ladies….but I was sure this was an April Fools…..if any RobSexScenes get out before BA shows, you will hear lots of moaning and screaming!

  • robsessedtothecore

    am I the only one without a sense of humor???
    NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! You CAN’T JOKE about stuff like this ??? The possibility of seeing ROB in a SEX scene , it’s exilarating 🙂 and Im not exagerating !!! btw , the animal video it’s just gross 🙁

  • anniej13

    Hahahah. I’ve already read the script and I still clicked! WTF is wrong with me? Oh yea it’s the robeffect….all day every day. LOL

  • chico’s mama


  • hahah,thats hularious even when i clicked on it,i was like i must have clicked the wrong thing!wow!

  • me

    annnd… we ALL Want him for ourselves…… sighh.

  • pecky

    annnd… we ALL Want him for ourselves…… sighh.