Meet Szabi, Robert Pattinson’s stunt double

Fans watching filming of Bel Ami at the set in Budapest have confessed to fawning over Robert Pattinson’s stunt double, a Hungarian local named Szabi. We’d like to take a moment to thank Szabi for protecting His Holy Hotness Rob from the filming dangers he would otherwise have to face alone.

Update: Szabi’s full name is Szabolcs Eszes and he says he is Rob’s “stand in.” Thanks, Szabi!

Splenda Rob - and is that a TWEED JACKET?

Do you think Szabi looks like Robert Pattinson?

  • NawtyMeenx

    Dude looks nothing like HHH. And what stunts exactly does he double for? I’m praying they don’t stunt double HHH’s ass! Gonna be pissed…

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  • Z.

    OICU Szabi trying to look like Robward in Twilight.

    • AprylRansom

      Definitely Robward…hair and the tweed trying to be the peacoat. haha

  • Shae

    lmao this reminds me of when my best friend and I went to Vampire Baseball in Portland last year. Rob’s stand in from Twilight, Lucas, was there, and all the little fan girls were losing their shit over him and my friend leans over to me and says they know that’s not really Rob right? I kid you not he walked by us in the concourse and this girl probably 13 or 14 and her little friend start squealing and they’re like “OMG did you see his hair?!” yeah it was hilarious but Lucas looks a lot more like Rob than Szabi here.

  • Elizabeth

    pssss this guy is HORRIBLE….. nothing close to rob!!!

  • Réka

    Hey!!! It’s my picture!!! where did u find that???

    • It was linked to us and we could not locate the source. How may we credit you?

      • Réka

        ok,I know I can’t prove it, just because it was on my facebook page,and in my camera,with lot of other pics about the shooting,Robert,Szabi,etc,thats it.sorry,it’s just weird for me..

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  • Sunnyshiney

    Oh please don’t say that he’s Rob’s stunt double for the ummmm (cough,cough) important scenes!

  • Sunnyshiney

    Please don’t say that he’s Rob’s stunt double for the ummm (cough, cough) important scenes!

  • Sunnyshiney

    See what happens? I get all worked up and reply to this twice!

  • doens’t look like him at all!

  • Midori

    Sorry, Rob has a distinctive look, can’t be copied. There is not even a resemblance.

  • LarissaH

    Man, you guys have to go easy on this poor chap! Look closer – his eyebrows could pass for Rob’s. And his hands remind me of Rob, too. He’ll do fine. 🙂

  • passionsons flower

    There’s some similar features to our boy Rob. But Szabi cant even come close to looking as beautiful as HHH.

  • jan

    Relax, gals…he’s juz the stunt double and probably used in more mundane roles such as positioning to adjust lighting, surroundings, rehearsals, etc.

    But ya, HHH is in a class of his own!

  • Shirlee

    I’ll say it again – dude looks nothing like Rob and I agree, what stunts could he be doing for Rob? Better not be the sex scenes

  • Szabi

    Hello! I am szabi! I1 m not robert stunt double or sex:D! I’m just standing!!!

  • Szabi

    And this is a morbid picture!!!!!! My name is Szabolcs Eszes!

    • Send us your head shot, Szabi! Thanks for writing in! 🙂

    • Welcome Szabi! Hope you are enjoying your time on Bel Ami.

  • oh god no! I saw Remember Me last night and I was gobsmacked at just how even more beautiful HHH is every time I see him – perfection even with stubble and cuts – this guy just looks freaky! The ass shot had better not be a stunt double

  • Victoria.
    I agree with your comment.
    He looks nothing like him,,,,
    As for Rememeber Me. Well I loved it too.
    Im a bit tired of reading stupid reveiws saying it was dissappinting… IT WASN’T.
    Glad you enjoyed it too.

    • …it was fantastic, his acting just gets better and better, and his face and body more beautiful every time I see him – he is almost TOO perfect, and everyone else around him just pales into insignificance!

  • He doesn’t look like him, no, but what’s with the cruel words, folks?? The fact that a man/boy doesn’t look like Rob, doesn’t make him ugly. Jeez. People do have feelings, and I can’t imagine reading stuff like “this guy is HORRIBLE” is much fun for the ego.

    • …sorry, I am sure he is a nice guy but trying so hard to look like Rob is a little sad and frankly doesn’t work!

      • And that makes it alright to be cruel? I find THAT a little sad.

  • I think Szabi has some very similar features to Rob. Plus i think for stand-ins they are usually looking for similar height, build and colouring and he does share those traits.

    Plus we are looking at one picture and I have no doubt that Szabi is probably a real cutie in person *wink*, I mean Ive heard the fans are ogling him as well as Rob…and we know the fans have good taste right? lol

    • Oh, yes. We do have good taste. No doubt about that!

  • passionsons flower

    At this point I don’t care if they look alike!! Just as long as Szabi isn’t used as a body double in the sex scene. All hale the glory that is Rob!!! Long may he reign!!! God!!! Can’t wait to see his hot bod!!

  • passionsons flower

    I think HHH should stand for HIS HOT HINEY:D lol

  • Michele

    Looks enough like him that I bet the chicks are all over him!!! Cute!!

  • chico’s mama

    has anyone read the book. does it have the actual sex scenes in it? i read a little of it and there were just not there. is that right? and that guy is no rob.

    • AprylRansom

      I listened to the audio on Librivox which is in the public domain…meaning free! It was good but I was not happy with the ending. I would like to read the script. No sex scenes in the actual book though. Tiny bit of petting and alluding to sex.

  • Tímea

    I am Hungarian, here in Budapest, i have been going to the places so far to see Rob, but i dont think Szabolcs looks like him at all, his nose, his appearance, his behaviour has no grace at all. i dont like this guy.

    • Maja

      hello i’m from croatia. do you know where will they filming this week?

  • abby.

    well here he’s the closest thing we piss of..:D

  • Timy

    heey, he’s my godson! 🙂 and I think he looks like Rob 🙂 And he is very friendly and nice… gooo Szabi 😛

  • Szabi

    Oké guys stop it!!! tjis i9s just a job! I am actor!!! not a clone! this is incredible! you don’t know who i am so jst shut up! I1m not a twilight fan or Rob! What! You are jealous! I think this sad!!!! ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ

  • Szabi

    And i am not rob!!! and i am don’t want rob!oh If you know’s him!!!! doesn’t matter

    • Natalia

      Szabi, don’t pay attention to nasty comments! You probably do the hardest part of the work, replacing the actor for all the boring stuff so I admire your patience. You seem to be a great guy, I wish you good luck in your work!

  • chico’s mama

    szabi, nothing personal. take it easy. we are just talking. sounded like you wanted to tell us something……

  • aslgjaálkgag

    nem robertre, hanem edwardra hasonlít inkább… ez óriási különbség sztem 🙂 és a bel ami filmben rob nem úgy néz ki, mint edward!

  • Lana(daniella)

    Yes Timy. Szabi is very nice and very very friendly person. He is my friend, and he is not Rob. He doesn’t want to be Rob. ok?? so stop!!! Thanks.

  • aslgjaálkgag

    és ezzel nem baszogatok senkit! nem hasonlítasz robra, okés.
    amúgy ha megnéznék a buta amerikaiak, h másoknak is néha milyen dublőreik vannak. úgy értem, teljesen máshogy néznek ki, a testalkatuk olyan, és kb ennyi!
    na de szabi szard le az itteni hozzászólásokat, csak irigykednek 😛

  • Arina

    I think it s not possible to decide of one picture Szabi is similar to Robert or not. Sure he similar on some levels. Perfect doble doesn t exists on the world except if there is not a concealed twin brother of Robert. And of one picture how u can think he want to be like Edward Cullem? You do not know him. If he have the same jacket like Edward but it s not the same, then u think he to be Edward? He is very funny and friendly boy and he nice without edward or Robert Pattinson. I think u shouldn t hurt him at first see.
    I hope u are understand me.

    • Timy

      You’re right Arina :):)

  • Lana(daniella)

    yes, yes Arina! 🙂 Timy 🙂

  • leonard cohen

    just to clear things up, szabolcs is a so called light double, his job is to stand on the scene, before Rob, so they can adjust the lights. just to clear things up…

  • chico’s mama

    is the filming over

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