WaterForElephantsFilm.com and Robert Pattinson support WWF

In March 2010, Robert Pattinson confirmed that his charity of choice is WWF, also known as the World Wildlife Foundation.

Among the many missions of  WWF, one is a conservation program for Asian and African elephants; elephants are a “priority species” to WWF. WWF has put programs in place to conserve the elephant populations throughout Asia and Africa. The projects include protecting and restoring habitats, increasing anti-poaching patrols, conserving forest and savanna elephant populations, and collecting population data to improve management strategies for elephants. WWF also addresses a number of crosscutting issues affecting its projects, including wildlife trade, elephants in captivity, and human-elephant conflict.

It is our great honor to announce that WaterForElephantsFilm.com will be supporting Robert Pattinson’s philanthropy by spreading the word via our website and encouraging readers to donate to WWF. You can find this button on our website sidebar that redirects you to the WWF donation page:

Save an elephant, make RPATTZ smile!
Save an elephant, make RPATTZ smile!

Video of Robert Pattinson – skip to :20 mark to hear him confirm WWF as his charity.

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