Smiley Rob as he leaves the set of Bel Ami

Gotta love seeing a happy Rob leaving the set for the day.




  • ahh love to be drivin that car !!

  • You’ll see more of Robert smiling if they allow him to see his girlfriend again.

  • julie

    I just saw on google that Rob is in London right now filming not Budapest. Maybe he did get to see his girlfriend afterall over Easter!?

  • kphrase

    All these vid and photos have been great! However, some of the vids are like watching paint dry, LOL! Shooting a film can be pretty boring at times… Also, there are so many film technicians roaming around the set, they’re like a swarm of insects and Rob is the meal… 🙂

  • kai

    hi…can give me someone infos where they shooting ?
    i am very grateful for that…;-)