VIDEO: Rob stands around and adjusts his tophat, filming 4/6

A very clear, non-shaky video of Robert Pattinson standing around and adjusting his tophat over and over again.  Yeah, I know…  They all look alike now.  But at least we can see some more women in costumes in this video.  And Rob is in focus at all times.


  • thank you so much!!

  • theres so much standing around during filming & so many people on the set. He’s filming the part where he is so hungry and looking in the fancy resturant at all the upper class eating.

  • mel

    It must be tough for him to stay focused with all the noise and people around – being a film actor is a lot harder and far less glamourous than it looks. A film set can be incredible boring while you’re waiting for everything to be set up and then to have to do take after take and still retain focus……..looks like Rob’s doing a brilliant job.

  • Is it normal that I quitted after “adjust his” ??

  • he is sooo cold…. bless

  • Sus

    I like the tophat, but this little hat looks doy on him, I think!

  • Dorym

    Those people should be ashamed of themselves, making so much noise and interupting the flim set, they are very ignorant and stupid.