4 Videos: Great fan videos of Robert Pattinson on the Bel Ami set 4.7.10

4 great fan videos of Robert Pattinson on the Bel Ami set 4.7.10!

From breizangelik:

From: 18RoseM:

From: Godlooksforancsa:

and skip to 1:35 mark for Rob


  • Gah! Ladies, learn how to hold your cameras steady. I got seasick trying to watch those last two….

  • Thank you so much!!

  • gabriela8555

    can anyone help me with the place of todays filming? I came to budapest just for two days because of the filming… im leaving today at 6 p.m. and yesterday a saw nothing because i couldnt find the place of the filming… i fell really sad, because i came just because of it… if someone knows where is the place of todays filming, please let me now… i dont know where else should i ask… thanks a lot

  • Maria

    I agree with torontotwicat…I got a headache trying to watch those last 2 too…hold the cameras steadier

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  • other sites have said Kristen stewart has arrived to celebrate her birthday with him in Budapest – any sightings?

  • Dorym

    These fans are dispicable. Let the poor guy do his work and stay home! I am certain that he cannot wait to get out of Budapest.

  • Sue

    Uggh!! hard to watch the shakey videos, but thanks just the same! Also it seems the word is spreading of where they are filming…the crowd of people are getting larger and larger,but glad to see that Rob is gracious with his fans…waving and smiling:)