Video: Uma, Rob, Kristin and Colm arrive at Bel Ami set

Video: Uma, Rob, Kristin and Colm arrive at Bel Ami set 4.8.10.


  • Sue

    Translation???…wow first pics I’ve seen of Uma…any of Christina surface yet?

  • orsoleya

    You’d better not read the transaltion as this report has totally false info. They referred to Holiday Granger as Uma’s stand -in. They have no idea about the film at all. But Kristen Stewart is said to be here indeed, but she does not step out of the car in the street, she is taken all the way in by car. But the extras who are Hungarians said that she was in the church watching the shooting.

  • Dorym

    Today is her birthday, you go girl!

  • Sue

    I’m glad if it is true that Kristen is there supporting her man!!…I know I would be:)

  • l.q

    she has it bad! soooo teeny bopper to have your girlfriend at work with you. somebody’s REALLY insecure! I can imagine the proffessional actors are having a real hoot about that!!

  • chico’s mama

    if, and it’s a big if she is there with him, then yea for them. maybe he will feel better

  • Sue

    why is so strange that she would be there? you jealous?? yeah, he is working, but the guy has lived in a hotel the past 2 years…nothing permanent. Regardless if its his profession, but most people can go home and “kick up their feet” in the evening and relax…I’m just saying:)