Photo: Gorgeous costumes for Bel Ami!

Cimbora93 tweeted this photo of her posing with 3 filming extras from Bel Ami 4.9.10. The costume designer, Odile Dicks-Mireaux, has really outdone herself.

Odile Dicks-Mireaux designed these costumes
  • Lynda from Philly

    Wow,these are So gorgeous!She really HAS outdone herself w/these costumes.Hope they recognize her when oscar time rolls around!Beautiful.

    • I am the Hat Designer for the film, and have been working tirelessly for all the leading ladies(and a fitting for R.P) for the past 12 weeks.Hope you like them!! Odile has a fantastic eye, and has done a stunning job.I will make sure she hears of all your kind words!

  • robskitty

    these are really great costumes and so in period! i, too, hope that she gets the recognition she deserves; she deserves it! am loving the costumes for the major actors as well. haven’t seen anything quite so beautiful or nice in a looong time!

  • passionsons flower

    Total agreement for sure!!! All the costumes we’ve seen in the last 2 wks have been so fabulous!!! Especially love the the colors in RC’S outfit it’s so vivid!!!

  • passionsons flower

    Ooppss!! I mean CR’S outfit

  • Laís Tavares

    Fantastic work! Beautiful colours and a very delicate work!

  • well done guys…!