Photos: Robert Pattinson enjoys a night on the town in Budapest

Robert Pattinson enjoys a night on the town in Budapest. Ever the gentleman, he stopped to pose with 3 fans on the street.

Unicorns come out at night!

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  • just i want to be in Budapest!!

  • FMP

    I prefer this over a top hat and tux any day or night.

  • diazis123

    #happy B-day KStewart =) # aww he is always posing with his fans n matter where he goes HE ROCKS

  • Nehnah

    Aww…bless he looks tired…Poor baby is working so hard, It’s about time he had some fun!

  • bel ami

    you may would like to credit the original source at pattisonlife livejournal and add the info that the pics are from last weekend,not new.

    • Pattinsonlife *is* credited, as is RPLife.

  • Ugh…..I’m so jealous!

  • passionsons flower

    I agree flannel Rob rules!!!

  • Camel

    Fake photos!!!

  • Kelly

    Poor baby! He is working so so hard!! What he needs is some good old bed rest, i have a bed available for you Rob anytime! Lol!

  • Dorym

    He looks so drunk!

  • Love Beanie Rob! And what do you think, girls? Is that the plaid from Comic Con? The holy t-shirt is definitely the same one he wore for the Remember Me Facebook spots (as well as several other occasions – I actually did a post about it – LOL!).


  • Laís Tavares

    Oh I love his lips, so cute. He is adorable, so affectionate with his fans. I love beanie Rob in Budapest. He deserves to have fun.

  • k

    Fake photos!!!!

  • diadema

    the photo looks strange!!!!!His face, smile as well eyes are exactly the same of the 3 pictures!!!!
    uhuhuhuh not nice i can’t belive he has the same expression!!!!

  • Lynda from Philly

    FlannelBeanieButtonFlyBudapestRob looks as yummy as ever!I love how he always takes pics w/fans now and he actually smiles. He looks a little glazed over and drunk here, but that’s our Rob!! Love him!!