Exclusive: ‘Bel Ami’ hat designer Ian Bennett writes the blog

Yesterday, we blogged about the Bel Ami costumes and what a wonderful job Odile Dicks-Mireaux has done with bringing the Bel Ami look to life. Upon checking the blog comments today we found an entry from Ian Bennett, the genius behind the ornate hats a-plenty for Bel Ami cast and extras. Ian writes:

I am the Hat Designer for the film, and have been working tirelessly for all the leading ladies(and a fitting for R.P) for the past 12 weeks.Hope you like them!! Odile has a fantastic eye, and has done a stunning job.I will make sure she hears of all your kind words!

Ian Bennett measured this head for this hat!

Ian, your work is amazing. The Fourgy (blog authors) are history geeks and we love what you have done with these period pieces. We celebrate you by taking a look back at your work that we have witnessed via paparazzi photos in the past two months.

If you’d like to learn more about Ian Bennett, please visit his website:

  • Your work is fabulous! I love the hats & all the costumes. The film looks very historically accurate! I love history too & love period films.

  • Laís Tavares

    Ian and Odile are fabulous. They did a wonderful work for Bel Ami. Rob`s hats and top hats, the clothes are all stupendous, very classy.

  • ocnlvr83

    I too, am a history freak. I notice things that are out of whack that most don’t. And I have to say from what I’ve seen, it’s all good. Kudos on a great job!

  • passionsons flower

    Two thumbs up for Ian and company!!! You must be so pleased with the excited response from the fandom. Best of luck in all of your endeavors.

  • Natalia

    Really great job on costumes, they simply transport us in Bel Ami epoque and look gorgeous!

    I love top hats and the ones that Rob wears are just extraordinary, they suit him very well.

  • mel

    wow, just checked out his website – amazing stuff!!!! Love the hats! Rob looks fantastic in top hat and tails!

  • Dee

    Fantastic work on the hats and costumes. I love period films and especially love hats. This will be an amazing film.

  • its so amazing and fantastic.
    i love that their ancient styles.
    nice thought.