NEW Interview: Robert Pattinson Talks about Bel Ami With Népszava Online

Note from the translator:

The inter­view is prob­a­bly real, the inter­viewer is a famous Hungarian reporter liv­ing in the US, same woman who did that inter­view with him posted below. I think the end of this inter­view is prob­a­bly from that meet­ing ( the CD thing).

Hun­dreds of twenty-somethings are lurk­ing around the Opera, on the Pol­lack Mihály Square and around the Amer­i­can Embassy, hop­ing they can get a smile, a pic­ture, an auto­graph and a bit more in Hun­gar­ian than „köszönöm, hogy csend­ben vagy­tok” (Thanks, for being quiet.) The messy-haired, shy, tight-lipped lad, who was sleep­ing at his agent’s two years ago, was happy if they let him on screen, but never wanted the hys­te­ria that sur­rounds him now.

Robert Pat­tin­son (for those liv­ing under a rock: Twi­light, New Moon) is con­quer­ing Uma Thur­man, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci on the streets of Budapest, used for scenes of Paris, in the film adap­ta­tion of Maupassant’s novel, Bel Ami. Judg­ing by the pic­tures he looks just as good with a seri­ous face, wear­ing tail­coats and top hats as he is gig­gling, pulling his messy hair, wear­ing a mis­but­toned shirt and jeans that slipped to his hips –  the way he looked dur­ing our meet­ing in New York, a few days before he left for Budapest.

All my col­leagues in Budapest are wait­ing for you to give an inter­view, but I know you already and know that you won’t give inter­views while you are work­ing. What are your plans for your days off in Budapest?

I’ve never been to East­ern Europe before and I have always wanted to go. You can imag­ine how curi­ous I am. I’ve heard from my friends that Budapest is a beau­ti­ful city. Peo­ple I know who’ve been to your coun­try, they all love it but sadly I won’t have much free time. And I won’t have much of a chance to be an anony­mous tourist.

The musi­cal scene in Hun­gary is bustling though and you like to make music.

The guys I grew up with all became musi­cians and they are really good, I usu­ally do some­thing with them.

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What kind of instru­ments do you play?

I’m fight­ing with the vio­lin now, not with a teacher, only by myself, but not every­one around me is happy about it. And I’m com­pos­ing. It’s inter­est­ing; it all depends on the actual char­ac­ter I’m play­ing. The guy I play in my new movie, Remem­ber Me is a guy with deep feel­ing. When I was shoot­ing that movie, I com­posed lots of new songs. The guy in Bel Ami though is absolutely shal­low, who is not touched by any­thing in the world, espe­cially not by art and since I’m in his skin now, I have a total men­tal block.

Let’s talk about Bel Ami then. Nicole Kid­man was sup­posed to play your lover originally.

I don’t know what hap­pened. She canceled…I didn’t get into it…Uma Thur­man took the role.

And why did you choose it? It’s a fact that you worked in clas­si­cal the­atre in Lon­don but we can only remem­ber you from the Harry Pot­ter movies and the Edward of the Twi­light Saga, which is light years away from Maupassant’s Bel Ami.

My agent sent me the script a year ago, and I read it not know­ing the novel, and to be hon­est I didn’t really know Mau­pas­sant either. I liked it instantly, because the script has some­thing spe­cial emo­tion­ally, that is really com­mon nowa­days. The world is full with men like Georges, the tail­coat and the top hat are just for­mal­i­ties. Every­one is envy and jeal­ous, noth­ing is enough for them, even if they reach their goals. Also, if I change from the three Twi­light movies, then this is the biggest jump, play­ing a guy who is rot­ten to the core, self­ish and raw, who is lead by his own feel­ings and steps over every­one with­out think­ing. I really felt the char­ac­ter, I saw him in my mind. And I liked that you can’t really see these epic, cos­tume movies any­more, so I grabbed the opportunity.

–New York, Feb­ru­ary 2010

NOTE: I just posted the Bel Ami portions of the interview, to read the entire article CLICK HERE.

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Source and trans­la­tion by yoyokate at pat­tin­son­life.

  • Kim

    Interesting article. Is this an actual legit news or more gossip stuff? Because it seemed legit, like stuff he would say. Just surprised that the interviewer was allowed to ask question about personal relationship.

  • Such intellegence for someone so young.
    He obviously read the book as well as the script.
    He also can seperate Edward from Georges and Tyler very well, but in fact there are some similarites to each of them.
    Great interview.
    Thank you for posting.

  • Michelle F.

    I really don’t think this interview is legitimate. First of all, he never talks that long in his answers in other interviews. Secondly, there are an awful lot of personal questions that he would never answer. And lastly, I just don’t think it sounds like him based on the hundreds of live interviews I have seen of him.

  • passionsons flower

    Nice interview but I always question the validity of print interviews. Interviewers have been dismissed for asking far less in the way of personal information about Rob.If it’s not on video I always take his comments with a grain of salt.

  • I think they mixed the interview, there’s some seem legitimate, but the others questions seem weird. As we know “personal question” isnt allowed since NM Press till RM press..
    and this is too long for an interview with him.

    yes he talk with that famous hungarian reporter, but only for 3,5 mnt

  • Elle M.

    I don’t think this can be legit. I saw him on a video interview when Bel Ami was first confirmed and he was pumped about the role because the book is one of his favorites and he thought the scriupt was very strong. Here, he’s quoted as saying he does know de Maupassant. Not credible.

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