Robert Pattinson to fence in Bel Ami?!

In a recent 20 Minten Online interview, Robert Pattinson talks about fencing training for ‘Bel Ami’ and his desire to work with the talented actresses cast in the film.

Q: Long Night?
More like two long weeks. But I didn’t go out I just worked really hard. I’m shooting my next movie ‘Bel Ami’ in London right now and I have to practice fencing six days a week.

Q: That is why you’re wearing the full beard?
Exactly. What doesn’t one do to be allowed to play in a movie with Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott-Thomas. However the beard starts to bug me. It’s not very comfortable so hopefully I’ll get rid of it soon.

Hmm why can’t I remember any fencing? (Oh yea, because I’m old lol) Thoughts?

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  • jan

    Don’t remember anything about Georges actually fencing in the book too…

  • moonC

    Nope. Neither do I. He was shooting though…
    And since when Rob does not like beard???!!!

    It looks like fake interview to me.

  • KittTatt

    So he was already filming when he had the full beard? I thought he was just in rehearsal?
    I dunno – this almost doesn’t sound like him, either.
    Haven’t finished reading Bel Ami. There is apparently an ‘orgy’ scene that wasn’t in the book but they filmed, or something. Who knows, they re-write stuff all the time. They could add a duel.

  • bwen

    Yes, in the book there is a fencing demonstration in a private home to raise money for orphans that Georges takes the ladies to but I don’t remember him actually participating. I guess the script is taking poetic license unless they are harking back to when he was in the military as a flashback.

  • They have a fencing show organised by the wives to raise money for the orphans. Its in the beginning of chapter 3.

  • i agree with KittTatt, that interview didn’t really sound like Rob…
    and what about that last q?? “girlfriend kristen stewart”?!?!?!? since when were they dating??? like, when was that confirmed???
    is that interview fake?? (i think so)

  • Sabooster

    I suspect the fencing replace the duel with the reporter. OR since all the high class society played certain games at the office… maybe fencing got added as a sport for the higher class society since playing with the wooden balls the book describes sound pretty banal.

  • Jessiefab

    He fights a duel with that reporter who writes shits about George on newspaper, perhaps in film they made it a fencing duel? 🙂 I’d love to see that

    • Lia

      I totally agree with you Jessiefab, I think they will take the duel in the book and make it a fencing duel in the movie. NICE! As far as the interview, If it’s real, the questions and answers have been altered, which to me…it becomes a BS interview.

  • Also the duel in the book is with pistols. The “orgy scene” as christened by the media is probably where he cavorts with Rachel at the Folies Bergere.

  • Lisa

    hmmm me either.. Maybe it’s for back story?? Like a flashback to when he was a soldier? That’s the only thing I can think of..

  • ocnlvr83

    I also don’t see Rob admitting he’s dating Kristen Stewart.

  • kphrase

    The article was translated from German, that’s probably why it sounds an bit ‘off’. Rob fencing sounds verrry sexy! Hope we’ll actually get to see him Feint and Parry(fencing jargon)LOL!

  • rpattzgirl

    Hmm, I call bogus on this interview…there is no fencing in the script or the book…and the beard has nothing to do with Bel Ami. He grows it in between flms as he hates to shave….

    But I would love to see him fencing!

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  • Lisa

    That’s right! I forgot there was fencing! I bet they just changed it around so GD is fencing! Wont that be fun! 🙂

  • passionsons flower

    Unless I see Rob on video talking about his personnel life I take it as rubbish!!! Lately he’s been talking about his mystic. How putting to much of yourself out there can hurt your career. So grain of salt for sure. But the fencing would be really freakin hot!!!

  • I fence as a sport. Men fencing are sexy! Rob fencing will be F*ckhawt!