Video: GREAT overall footage of filming Bel Ami in Budapest

GREAT overall footage of filming Bel Ami in Budapest. Rob, Uma, Christina, Colm and a lil surprise visit from…super-stealth Kristen Stewart!

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  • Dee

    Great video…just wish I understood what they were saying…lol.

  • wickedhag

    oh you are so lucky that you don’t understand what they are saying. I had to put it on mute, stupid sensationalistic crap.

    • G.K.

      same here…

  • AprylRansom

    It made my heart flutter to see Rob look back to check on his KStew!

    • foof76/AwesomeSauce76

      That is EXACTLY what I was coming here to say!! Did you see how many times he looked back to check on her? (not just that same clip repeated.)

      It was soooo sweet! I can’t believe he thinks he’s a bad boyfriend. So far he seems pretty adorable.

  • gossip_bangkok

    HOLY SHIT!! So it is Kristen Stewart?? WHY!!!
    Rob has to go back to London before I even got there?? 🙁