Video: Christina Ricci talks Nudity & 19th Century Armpits in ‘Bel Ami’

Christian Ricci was on Graham Norton show in the UK yesterday as we reported and today we have the video! Brace yourselves…PS She’s adorable 🙂


  • lol to graham norton!!
    “so you’re a hooker?”
    “then shave away!!”

  • Dee

    Too funny. She is fantastic.

  • Jennifer

    What a doll she is! Can’t wait to see this movie!!

    • when is the film being released?

  • G.K.

    this is hilarious:D

  • kphrase

    LOL! Priceless!

  • Delennv

    I love Graham Norton… what a hoot! Christina was very good natured about the whole thing… surprise they haven’t had RPattz on yet!

  • Sus

    OMGawd, this is so funny! Ricky Gervais cracked me up, too! I think Christina is going to be so good in this movie!

  • mel

    Graham Norton is brilliant! Love Christina Ricci she took it with aplomb! Got it would be hilarious if they could get Rob on – I,m sure he would give as good as he got!