Szabi, Robert Pattinson’s Bel Ami stand in, talks about his 5 minutes

Splenda Rob

Remember Szabi? Well, he was on Hungarian TV talking about working with Robert Pattinson.

Szabi told the interviewer that, while on the Bel Ami set, Rob said that he looks exactly like Edward (notice he said Edward, not Rob).  Szabi also said he doesn’t want to be seen as a “mini Robert Pattinson” forever.

Like Yvette (RobPattzNews) said, “Hmm. Here’s a tip… don’t dress like Edward every time you are in public. That may help…”

Yes, Szabi, tweed really is NOT cool. 😉


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  • chico’s mama

    i take it back. he can kind of pass for rob if you look fast. and his voice as well. and he does dress like him. i believe he is a huge fan, so that makes it all okey enjoy you lucky dude

  • HPFangirl71

    He has the resemblance of Rob from afar but not up close… not at all… hes not even that cute and Rob is way sexy!! The guy they had fill in for him in Twilight was the cutest of the fake robs!!

  • Cyndi

    I don’t see where he looks like Edward or Rob. There is a guy who works at my local starbucks that could pass better for Rob from a distance than this guy. The guy at Starbucks has the same hair, scruffy facial hair, and that “jaw porn” going on that we all love. He also has similar mannerisms. This guy….I don’t see it. Maybe it is because for me, there is only one Rob!

  • Lia

    He only has “edward” hair. That’s it!

  • chico’s mama

    i watched some of the vidio above and came to that conclusion. of course he is not our rob but he got a cool job and isn’t he lucky. no one has the “IT” factor like our boy.

  • chico’s mama

    oh and i forgot to say that some of us sounded mad that he got the job. hey, why do we need to be mean to him because he is not rob? i’m just saying……

  • Dee

    Speaking of tweed. In the book, SM had Edward in leather and tight sweaters. The movie put him in a tweed pee coat and t-shirts most of the time. Rob looks good in anything, but leather would have been nice.