Director tweets: Rosie news!

Mr. Lawrence has been giving us fun little info via his twitter. Here’s the latest in case you didnt catch it:

Tech scouting the ghost circus right now… Where they get Rosie!

Not quite sure what he means by a ghost circus…is this a mystery circus? A circus that doesn’t really exist but tries to put on shows? My more logical guess would be a vendor that has circus animals used in movies. What do you guys think? Or know…for fact…since clearly I’m reaching. 😉

  • Emma

    The ghost circus is the circus (Fox Circus, I think) in the book that has been abandoned after the incident with the sherrif’s wife or whatever. Other circuses roll in and pick apart the bones, which is where the Benzini Bros. find Rosie and claim her.

  • kphrase

    Great news but his tweet message is a bit cryptic… lol! Maybe I can decipher it using my super secret WFE decoder ring…. 🙂

    • try that….because i was all “YAY!” then i was all “huh?”

  • suzyquzy

    If I remember correcctly in the book ghost circus referred to any
    circus that was out or going out of business. Apparently there
    were many a circus that traveled via rail and also many that would
    go out of business. ..trying not to give much away.

    • Can i get a big, “DUH” in the house….wow…i read that all kinds of crazy…im thinking phantom circus’ exist in LA where directors go to get stage elephants….lol….now it makes complete sense…from the book and the script…the ghost circus. *facepalm*

  • suzyquzy

    Sounds like he location hunting.

  • Alison4828

    The ghost circus is when they go and find Rosie, aka abandoned circus.

    But Suzyquzy beat me to it…thanks for answering that!

    • i so didnt have my head planted on correctly when i read the tweet.

  • magicdancer

    I read last week that an elephant named Nosey had been cast as Rosie.