The Readers Have Spoken! Rob’s Hair Should Be…

Well, well, well. I had a feeling we’d get a passionate response to the fun question, ‘Who Wants to Style Rob’s Hair???’ The obvious answer: Um, all of us, particularly when it came to “finger styling”. 😉

The consensus to the actual question of which style do you, the reader, prefer? When it comes to Robowski’s hair in Water for Elephants you guys are wicked scared of shaved sides a la Clark Gable. We’re split on hair colour with most wanting some red but not Richie Cunningham red.  Many of us are willing to sacrifice authenticity for the pretty! 

There was a clear winner with the votes fairly evenly split amongst the other three. And there was one write-in nomination that may have won it all if included in the poll….

A Hint of which Hairstyle was Readers' Choice!

The results after the buzzzz (clippers people! sheesh…)

Your clear choice with 48% of the vote….

Warren Beatty's Edwardish hair in Bonnie & Clyde

Jimmy Stewart  20%

George Clooney 17%

Clark Gable        15%

Honourable mention to MrsAubergine’s write in nomination *thud*

Johnny Depp in Public Enemies

Thanks to all who participated in this very serious debate surrounding Robert Pattinson’s hair! More fun distractions coming soon. Waiting for Water for Elephants to begin filming later this month is hard…

  • passionsonsflower

    I didn’t vote on this important issue but liked the WB hair as well. Robs sex hair is like follicle foreplay for me. I just hope they give him a really sexy do.

    • “follicle foreplay”!!!! LOVE IT!

    • ROFL “Follicle Foreplay” ahhh that’s funny shit 😀

  • YEAH BABY!!!! Warren hair FTW!!!!! but i totally dig the Depp Do and think Robowski would rock it hard 😉

  • monique

    tinkrbell,i am with you the depp do will look great on rob also and critics would love it,they want to see him do something else with his hair

    • Girlpower

      Adore the Depp look. Sadly, hair and make-up would have to use a straightener. Sacrilege!

  • Mandy07

    Did some checking on men’s styles for that era. Depp seems the closest with short on the sides and back,longesh on top.

  • jennacursha

    I really love Rob’s hair like this! I’m glad this won the vote. Hopefully Francis Lawrence finds this and keeps Rob’s hair like this in the movie. Rob is sexy no matter what though.

  • Alexia Pons

    I guess his hair has to be styled the way it was common in those days, or at least the way the ivy league universities male students used it. If the decision would be solely mine, I would leave his beautiful mane like it is today, and will make a loose pony tail once in a while. He will be sooo hansome eitherway.

  • kelly Brown

    I guess they didn’t listen to us…I thought the WB with a little longer front that fell in his eyes would be good. He will look great no matter, BUT LEAVE THE COLOR ALONE!!!!!!!