We Have a Kinko!

Imdb.com is reporting the role of Kinko/Walter is to be played by Mark Povinelli. Mark has a long list of movie and television credits including, Cold Case, Pushing Daisies and Frasier.

Mark Povinelli

Water for Elephants begins filming May 22.

  • aeren76

    Thank you so much for the best information!!

  • suzyquzy

    What a handsome face.

  • Dee

    It is so exciting now that the cast is coming together.

  • Myesha

    Oh I’ve seen him in various tv shows. He’s pretty good. I’m excited. Kinko was one of my favorite characters.

  • Alison4828

    Ok I am going to go there, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t….I can wait for the scene where he gets caught rubbing one out, I gotta check the script again to see if that was included cuz that was hella funny!

    See and you thought I was gonna comment on his size…I bet he is taller then David Slade tho… =)

  • che

    no way he’s not looking like Kinko at all

  • Scarlett71177

    Nice looking guy. I was really hoping for Peter Dinklage though. *sigh*

  • Susan

    He looks exactly as I pictured him….this is awesome news!!

  • LarissaH

    Noooooooo…I wanted Peter Dinklage!! 🙁

  • Ozzie82

    I really wanted Jonny North. Or Mark Trombino. Dang it!! They must have been booked.

  • Marktrom

    Sorry, Ozzie82. I would have liked to have been in this. But my agent has better roles, like Elfs, Trolls, or Leprechauns, lol

    Congrats Mark Pov. This is an amazing role and one I know you will do very well. I am excited for you!

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  • carrie

    great actor. would like to see more of you.you weren’t on pit bulls and parolees at one point?