*NEW VIDEO* Robert Pattinson talks new ‘do and WFE on The Ellen Show

No. Words. Just. Watch.

*sigh* Robowski is our life now.


Thanks Twifans for the tip 😉

  • Lisa

    Simply adorable… Cutest clip ever. :o)

  • Alison4828

    So swoon worthy! GAH!!! I am so looking forward to the entire spot on Ellen…just a few more hours to go..yeah baby yeah!

    Oh Robowski how we love thee!!! xoxo

  • kareng

    thinking before opening mouth… LOL…can’t wait for the full spot…
    will be a funfilled summer…Summerhouse, Eclipse, Premieres, Robowski… Yep…busy months ahead…I’m never going to get anything done…LOL

  • Alice87

    OMG! He looks so cute & sexy! *drools*

    Can´t for the entire show! GAH!!!!

    I´m in love with Robowski….

  • freak4sparkle

    Robkowski, Robward, Tyblert , DuPattz, (I think I just made these last few up) whatever tue character – I love them all!! Bring it on!! *sigh*

  • freak4sparkle


  • passionsonsflower

    Robowski hair ftw!!! Awww! Juat too hot for words

  • Annie

    Hmm, maybe a little bit of red would have been good?

  • Dee

    Anyone have any comments on the “Pattin Pattinson” game? Since you couldn’t touch his face, I would have gone for the hands first. Rob has very distinct hands. Find his hands first and then go for the rest of the body….lol.
    She was a lucky lady and even got a kiss from Rob after the game.

  • Brenda Bowers

    I just love seeing Robert no matter who, what , where he is or what he’s doing.