Rob and Reese ~Together Again~

*WARNING* The following post contains sarcasm. It is not meant to be hard-hitting journalism.

With Water for Elephants beginning production this week, stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon have been reunited for the first time since 2004’s Vanity Fair. The good news? Odds are better this time round that Rob’s role won’t end up on the cutting room floor.

It's true. Rob was in (a deleted scene for) Vanity Fair.

In a bit of a reversal for Hollywood, Reese is going from playing Rob’s mother in Vanity Fair to his love interest in Water for Elephants. Traditionally, an actress 10 years older than the leading man would be cast in the role of aged grandmother, so kudos to the powers that be for taking a chance. I think audiences are ready.

Poor quality, I know. I needed PROOF!

So ‘fess up!! Did you know about this connection? Are you going to rent Vanity Fair to watch the deleted scene? The scene Pattinspoon filmed for Vanity Fair is very touching and, although they were playing mother and son, I sensed chemistry. That may or may not have been me projecting though…

And don’t forget to set your PVRs (or if your old-school like me, rewind your VCR tape). Rob taped The Ellen Show yesterday and it airs today! During the show Rob said he begins filming Water for Elephants on Thursday.

  • Lisa

    I DID know about it and have seen it! 🙂

  • Lisa

    I wonder if you can find the deleted scene on YouTube… Hmmm… I’m going to have to go check, now. :o)

    • Lisa

      that’s where I saw it! LOL

  • Tippyl

    I saw VF and saw the alternate ending. Even taking Rob out of the equation, I preferred his ending to the upbeat one they ended up going with. Also, what a handsome baby face he had in that scene. As much as I adore Reese, British period films aren’t her strong suit. Oh and Tom Sturridge’s scene didn’t get cut – talk abt a baby face!!

    Can’t wait to see them pair up again!

  • Shae

    I saw Vanity Fair years ago, way before I even knew who Rob was and I hated it. I thought it was the worst Reese movie ever so I’m kinda glad he was cut out, just for that reason lol. I have seen the deleted scene online and it was good and I agree I think they will be good together even going from her son to her lover LOL

  • Alison4828

    I confess I knew about the Momma/Son relash and thought about that when I saw him cast with her. But I found her being his mother in Vanity Fair alot odder then being his love interest in WfE. Reese has aged really well and doesn’t look too old for the part, and hell lighting can work miracles, I have seen it done.

    Pattinspoon – hahaha – “I’ve spooned with her before, WHAT?” may come in handy on this movie too…booyah!

    • LMAO….i love how he said that…you know i know say “WHAT?” with that vocal expression in mind 🙂 so if u see me tweet that…you know what im thinking of.

      • Alison4828 it…”WHAT?” is ingrained in the memory banks LMAO..woot!

  • debb: im glad we got this over with…now we can put it behind us….i got all my money riding on the acting skills of Pattinspoon to burn the Vanity Fair relationship from my mind.

    But really…my faith is FULLY placed in Robs capabilities…He’s HOT making out with a dead woman, he’s HOT making out with a guy, and he’ll be HOT making out with a woman who played his mother 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Alison4828

      Yeah baby yeah!!! Fuckhawt!

    • We’ll never speak of it again…

      BTW This “But really…my faith is FULLY placed in Robs capabilities…He’s HOT making out with a dead woman, he’s HOT making out with a guy, and he’ll be HOT making out with a woman who played his mother” MADE OF WIN!

  • passionsonsflower

    Rob was soo smoking hot in the Vanity Fair clip. Love his beautiful hand as he reaches for Reese Yeah I agree it was a very touching scene. Rob could call me mama any time. Loved the hair pics today Can’t wait to see him tomorrow!!! Total fail on the bet for me too Tink. Thanks again

    • i failed too *sigh* we need to get better lol

  • Lisa

    Okay, just saw the deleted scene – Reese and Rob look good together… but I figured they would since she doesn’t look her age at all. She’s also a fantastic actress.

  • themoonisdown

    what’s sarcasm?! i want hard hitting journalism about robert pattinson.

    and i want naked pictures.

    • Tesha Cullen

      I’m with you “themoon”, we need naked pic…, oh sorry Hard hitting Journalism!!! hee hee

  • FMP

    I bet whomever edited Vanity Fair regrets that decision now.

    • Tesha Cullen

      if like was fair, that person would be unemployed now or at least in a horrible job they hate. coz you know “Karma is a BITCH”!!!!!!

      • Tesha Cullen

        If LIFE, not like was fair, brain gets ahead of fingers.

  • Awesome post!!! Love the VF connection reminder.

  • Susan

    I have to admit that I knew about it…and no I wont be renting it to see the edited scene…..I bought it. Yeah….what can I say?

    It is wild that she is now playing his love interest…

  • kareng

    Yep…knew the connection… thought it was strange when the cast Reese as his mother in Vanity Fair…what you can do with makeup… WTE is more apt pairing…does this make her a cougar?
    I won’t rent VF, but will buy it…at to my other obessive collection of stuff.

  • Maria in Ct

    Of course I have it. Any true Rob fan has DVD’s of all his work or at least seen it on youtube if it’s not available. (Some of the DVD’s are not available in the US) I bought the DVD as soon as I knew Rob was in the deleted scenes. And I think I had to get through about 12 minutes of other material before Rob’s scene came up. Well worth it!

    I think Rob’s role as Jacob in WFE is finally going to show the nay-sayers what a wonderfully talent young actor he is. I see shiny awards in his future, and I don’t mean the MTV kind, lol.

  • I left a comment on the Reese hair poll post yesterday and referenced them working together on Vanity Fair, so I totally ‘fess up to knowing about the connection 😉

    Hell, I bought the DVD of the movie just for the deleted scene, even though I could watch it on YouTube. What RobPorn collection would be complete without it?


  • Sorry! I got my email alert about the post and commented before reading everyone else’s comments. Looks like I’m in good company needing to own the DVD 🙂

  • Mia

    I knew about it, I saw that film years ago (before I knew who Robert Pattinson was) on dvd and watched the deleted scenes. To be honest that ending was much better than the original one they went with. So when Rob was cast to play Reese’s love interest I was ecstatic, I love Reese and I wasn’t at all bothered by their previous connection. In fact as much as I like Rob and Kristen’s onscreen chemistry, Reese is one of my favourite actresses and the idea of her and Rob playing lovers on screen gives me all kinds of butterflies. I cannot wait to see them as Jacob and Marlena.

  • MC :)

    I’m a big fane of Reese’s too!
    —im a HUGE fan! i watch all of her movies especially vanity fair (that i love)

    that’s how i heard about WFE….b cos i found out reese was going to play marlena… i’m happy that she and rob are co stars again…but in reality i really don’t think they could ever be more than friends..

  • Eryka12

    Vanity Fair is actually where I (or at least my girly bits) fell in lust with him!! I tried for weeks to find out who he was after I saw the film, but alas, they don’t put the name of the guy who only appears in the deleted scenes in the credits or in IMDB. I finally got to find out his name when he appeared in Harry Potter.

    I can’t wait to see this movie, he looks so HAWT, and that’s just the first day of filming!!