*NEW PICS* Rob, Reese, and Silver Star? We think so!!!

Check out Kinko!
Jacob & Marlena!

Hop, skip, and a jump to MORE aerial views!

Eagle Eye!
Don't you feel like going for a train ride since filming started?

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  • KittTatt

    Gah! I was just getting over the LAST batch!

    • lol tell me about it….brace yourself…we’re in for a wild ride!

  • Miss_Caino

    Tee hee! Pattinspoon. I like it.

  • Lisa

    Great pictures!

  • mel

    Are the paps getting these via a chopper? Ugh, they better not mess up the filming!

  • bL0ndi3

    Rob…*swoons*… he could put a paper bag on his head and still look HOTTT!!

    Super love!!!

  • Lins

    Just when I was getting over the earlier pics and now I have to hyperventilate again! I need CPR!

    by the way, befoer I’m dead again…Marlena’s looking really hip with that pants and boots! I Like!

  • SnowyHedwig

    Oh, I’d like to ride something alright! 😉

  • Shae

    Gah this is going to kill me and it’s only the 1st day! So goooood and awesome that it’s Reese since she’s one of my faves.

  • Mandy07

    Rob dusty,dirty and horsey smell. OMG! get on my train and ride. HI,HO, SILVER!!!

  • Rachel

    I am SO excited for this movie! The trains and everything look beautiful

  • Patty

    It’s great seeing shots of them while filming, but seriously the paps in a chopper overhead…not such a good idea. Hope the animals don’t get spooked. You know it’s noisy when all actors are looking up at the chopper. Hope they don’t mess up filming.

  • passionsonsflower

    Wow!!! I love all the kinkers @ WFE Blog!! Congrats on 30,000 page views that’s amazing news ladies!!!

  • DJ

    So much eye candy. I remember Kinko actor from Charmed. Thank you for setting up this site. Great job.

  • Kailene Kaina

    Having grown up and traveled on various circuses my whole life, I am thrilled that they are making this movie!!!!!


    Silver Star is black isnt it???? well i loved Resse’s hair, so excited for this movie


  • Treena

    I’m very excited about Pattinspoon being on the this project together. I cannot wait to see if they have emotional and physical chemistry with each other….

  • moviekitten

    I’m excited for this movie. Pattinspoon!? Eww. Southern comfort butter fried snicker-doodle cougar alert. Mama Pattinson, if you are reading this, Reese decimates her male co-stars careers to varying degree. Tell him to be careful in Marlena Benziniville. Otherwise, she’s charming on-screen (except for Freeway – yikes).

  • yoliee48

    love looking at his pictures and he has come along way in such a short time and i feel he just getting better u can tell he’s growing and learning his craft keep up the good work we are watching and getting excited

  • Mandy07

    I can’t help it, this is the most beautiful Robowski i I have ever seen. I read the book a while back,but I want to read it again!! The blush on his cheeks and the hair!!! make him so adorable. This will be the movie to make him!!!!!!! A BIG ACTOR I feel it and I have not been wrong yet.

  • Blanca nunez

    Thank you for the pictures!!!. I’m getting the book soon and so happy for Robert to be in this movie. Looks great and interesting. Reese is also one of my favorite actress. CAN’T WAIT!!!.