Rain, rain go away! Reese Witherspoon is needed on set!

Workout Chic!


We expected some news today from set but was there a delay of game?  That doesn’t look like a pretty lady meant to be dressed in pink, sparkly sequins. That’s a pretty lady getting her workout on. Reese Witherspoon was photographed around Brentwood, CA today in workout gear and trying to stay dry. 

I felt a disturbance in the WFE force when I woke up this morning to a steady drizzle. I had hoped the set would avoid it but maybe not. What do you guys think? Don’t rain on the parade…er…circus? I actually wouldn’t mind a wet Robowski…perhaps I’ll tweet @Hibbits about that 😉 


  • Alison4828

    How adorable is she??? She probably does not need to be on set everyday like Rob does. She doesn’t have as many scenes as him. Robowski is in basically every scene right?

    Her hair is really light blonde, I guess they didn’t know how to vary color back in the 30s. Super excited to see the finished product of this movie and would love some more set pics to come our way soon! P4P:FR

  • Alice87

    I love Reese! She´s so cute! Luv her purple Hoodie… 🙂

    But I can´t wait for more set Pics!

    I. WANT. ROBOWSKI. *sadpanda*