He’s Alive!!! Christoph Waltz greets the fans and gives ’em a smile

Kinker Debb put the good vibes out there this morning and TA-DAH!!!!

Step right up Ladies & Gentlemen and get a load of AUGUST!

signing autographs and sexy smiles...YAY!

The fans, aka H2O set soldiers, were treated to a 5 minute encounter with Christoph Waltz the other day. Here’s what one set solider had to say:

There was about ten of us waiting at the gate. We saw the car that Christoph has been in coming down the dirt road.  When they stopped by us, we asked if he can sign some books and take some pictures.  He was very nice about it.  I didn’t have anything for him to sign but I did get a picture. I also told him he was great in ‘Inglorious Basterds‘ and congratulated him on his Academy Award.

SCORE 1 for the H2O set soldiers! You didn’t just get a picture…you got a GREAT picture 🙂 And we’re lovin’ his look!

Thanks for sharing with us kinkers and our followers. We know everyone is dying for more Robowski but we’ll remain patient and wish Rob all the best as he continues to bring Jacob Jankowski to life.

  • Thnx 4 sharing such a big moment, keep up the good work! I´m here waiting 4 all your updates, info ´n pics! All the best from Sweden!

  • Alison4828

    That’s awesome!!! I gotta say I love the clean shaven look on him, it takes years off of him. Wow, this makes me super excited for the finished product…GAH!!!

    Love it!

    • of course i thought the same thing….the shaved look makes him look younger 🙂

      • Alison4828

        We are scary aren’t we? I love it!

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  • Thank you set soldiers!! Christoph looks great! *clapping hands*

  • tinababy1

    OMG!! Clean-shaven Christoph looks smokin’ hot!!! I cannot, cannot wait for this movie!!!


    HELL, HE IS HOT!!! it is like a older version of Rob, look the raybans lol

  • oh god!! awesone!!! thanks!!

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  • Lisa



    Oh baby baby, he looks H-O-T there.. <3

    How did you get him to stop?!?

  • kphrase

    Christoph is August! So many nice WFE surprises today. 🙂

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  • Mandy07

    OH LUV this pic glad to see him smiling, he probably is enjoying the attention! Can’t say I don’t envy him enjoy the ride Chris you look HOT!!!

  • Chatterfield

    Thanks so much finally Christoph. He is looking great.

  • Wow. He actually looks hot! I’ve always found him, handsome, but here he’s HOT. This movie is gonna be awesome. Can’t wait!

  • sole

    Christoph, Berlin liebt Dich <3!

    • picaresque

      oh yes, Berlin loves him indeed <3 (fellow Berliner :D)

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  • che

    thank God we could see him.he looks awsome and it think he’ll be perfect August.
    this movie’s gonna ROCK!!!!

  • Lisa

    I need to go smoke a cigarette. Thank you.

  • Ok now they can get down to the good stuff. Christoph is going to be a great August. The cast is going to be great together

  • Dee

    Amazing pic. What a smile. I have to agree that he is smokin HOT.

  • Patty

    Finally! We get to see Christoph! He looks wonderful! I can not wait for this movie! It’s going to be amazing!

  • Veronica

    When I visited the set it was dead, talked to security and they said Rob and Reese come and go in SUV’s with the windows blacked out!

    Great picture, hope you get a chance to see Rob, I didnt =(

    • dofilm

      I visited the base camp yesterday afternoon, no shooting happening tho. The train was there by the tents so maybe they shot overnight or in the morning. I do my best to not disturb anything/anyone, but would love to see a setup or two filmed. Rob is lovely and Christoph is an amazing actor, all are great artists.

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