*NEW PICS* The Benzini Brothers Circus comes to life!

BEYOND cool :)

The H2O Set Soldiers have done it again! Thanks to Teddi & Megan for your awesomeness 🙂 They were allowed to watch and take pictures of the Benzini Brothers Big Circus Sideshow coming to life. These pictures will make any ‘Water For Elephants’ lover squee.

LOVE the banners showcasing the sideshow performers...I see Lovely Lucinda!

We can assume the previous set pics were from the ghost circus like many of you noted when they came out. The tent was tattered and dirty. Nothing like the bright white of the Benzini Brothers Tent 🙂

Plus, Francis Lawrence tweeted on the 2nd day of filming when those first set pictures came out:

Just shot Rosies intro!

If you know the story, you know when this happens 😉

Teddi & Megan, also captured some zebras and llamas and horses! OH MY!

Check out #18 and the other WFE train cars choo chooing along the tracks after the jump!

More train pics in the gallery 🙂

Thanks again to the H2O set soldiers…you guys have rocked our socks 😉

[photos: Set Soldier Megan]

  • Lisa

    I’m way beyond excited right now!

  • Alison4828

    Wow! These pictures are freakin unreal! Thanks to the girls who provided us with the awesomeness! And thanks Tink for giving us a great post as usual.

    I am even more excited for this movie if that is possible. Seeing the full circus set come to life is so great! AMAZING! Seem like shooting is going real well and moving right along…woohoo!!

    • 🙂

    • Teddi

      We had an awesome day/evening. Glad everyone is enjoying the pictures. Tink-you wrote an awesome piece to go with! : )

  • H2B

    Cool fricken beans!!! THESE PICTURES ARE AWESOME!!!

    I can’t wait to see this movie!!!

  • Shae

    That’s amazing, good job guys! I’m very excited for this one to come out.

  • Sus

    Great pics! I’m getting more and more excited! Has a release date been set yet? Hope it’s sooner than later.

    • karen

      They originally said the movie will be out December 2010 or January 2011. Sooner would be better!

  • Gonçalo Diniz

    Very nice pictures!

  • Thank you so much! Just love these pics! Very beautiful!

  • karen

    Pics are sooooo awesome. Will definiately be one fantastic movie! Thanks for the pics and please keep them coming.

  • I love them, thank you for sharing!

  • OutOfMyElement

    I’m such a nerd. These pics actually made me tear up! Great job!

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  • GlassGirl1972

    beautiful… want to be there to watch so bad!!!

  • helen83

    BEAUTIFUL pictures! Can’t wait for the movie! GREAT job!

  • sole

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

  • helen83

    AWESOME pictures…can’t wait for the movie….GREAT job getting these pictures!

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  • Thanks great job, can´t wait for this movie!! thanks from spain

  • Kelly Ray

    am reading the book for the 4th time now, am just so excited for the film to come out..such a wonderful story, the set looks fantastic!!!

  • huh… I think I know where that is. I see the green houses and the mountains and I know they’re up near Ventura…. makes me want to drive up there and try and find them!

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing

  • feline7267

    I’m already half way through the book and the more pics I see of Rob ad the set the more excited I get about seeing this movie!! These pics are amazing!!

    • Mrsoni

      I finished the book and I’m sad about it, is
      beautiful … I wanted to continue hahahahah … The photos are spectacular

  • Squeee! This is so cool! Now way I’m going to the set, thats probably over 12 hours on a plane or something. LOL

  • dazzled17

    your right…squeeeeee!!!!! I loved the book and can’t wait to see the movie. thanks for the updates and great pics.

  • dazzled17

    great pics thanks for all the updates:)

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  • Patty

    These are wonderful! I am so excited for this film! Can not wait for next year to get here to see this movie.

  • Shirlee

    OMG – pictures look so good – I love the circus! Every role this boy plays kills me, can’t wait for this movie

  • Ellen

    Excited to see the film, but tell me… the abuse to the animals is implied, right? I know it’s not REALLY happening, but I tend to get drawn into a good film…

  • Jane

    Where were these pics taken, Ca?

  • Mandy

    Wow those are so cool. My doubts about Hollywood making the book into a movie are slowly starting to fade away.

  • Kailene Kaina

    Wow! the Ringling train goes right through those hills in the back. I love all the animals dressed up and ready for the show. Thats exactly what I do for a living!

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  • Amanda Ayala

    Awesome! Love the pics…

  • che

    i’m so exciting for this movie, never been before like that

  • DJ

    The Circus is Coming. The Circus is Coming. OMG. Beautiful. It is surreal watching your book come to life, and meeting one’s expectations. Wonderful.

  • Fred Pfening Jr.

    A couple of historical booboos. A slogan, like The Greatest Show on Earth” was never painted on a flat car or stock or coach, only the show title. Also the flat cars were never lightly loaded, all wagons were tightly loaded to get as many as possible on a flat.
    The side show tent appears to be as large as the big top. The side show was always much smaller.

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  • I have one question, where is this set located?
    Where are they shooting?

  • roberta

    Who cares.. this is not an historical novel……it was a book of fiction; hence movies too….