*MORE PICS* If you will it, he will come…MORE Robert Pattinson!

still freaking out….

double whoa.

MORE whoas after the jump 🙂

Check out the remaining Robowski pics HERE….if you can handle it 😉


  • Lisa

    Just the pick-me-up I needed this morning! Robowski!!!! :o)

  • kate

    I get more excited every day!

  • freak4sparkle

    *SIGH* he’s the finest thing God ever created!

  • Jojo

    *hits the floor* im dead
    Dont think i’ll b survivin Bel Ami or WFE!

  • tinababy1

    OMFG!!!!!!!! DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!!!TuxRob has killed me deader than dead. R.I.P. tinababy1…..

  • FMP

    “If you will it, he will come”? The visions that statement conjures confirm that I have officially read too much fanfic.

  • fyrenyce

    I’m thinking maybe I love the shorter hair better. He looks awfully good!!!

  • Linda, Houston, TX

    This must be the scene where Jacob returns from dinner with Marlena and August in their stateroom when August lends Jacob a tuxedo. He comes back and finds Kinko (Walter) in a compromising situation and has to go to work in the tux.

    • WastingTheMorning

      Oh yes. The purple glistening head scene. Wonder how – if at all – they’ll handle that on screen.. Can’t say I’d mind if we don’t get to really visualize that scene the way we did in the book. I’m scarred for life from that one..

      • Linda, Houston, TX

        Not really keen on a visual of the purple glistening head, but wouldn’t mind the “stubble” scene after Jacob’s night with Barbara and Nell.

  • Lynda from Philly

    Ok, White-Shirted Sexpendered #Robkowski is ………..NO WORDS……..

  • C

    i can’t…

    he’s so freakin sexy. *drools*

  • Caroline

    he’s sooo gorgeous..i love the hair like that. really sexy 🙂 I just can’t wait to see that movie.

  • Roxiesmom2009

    Sofa king hot!! I am DED!,

  • Shae

    Gahhhh I do love him dressed up very gorgeous. Look what happens when I sleep in I’m late for the pictures LOL

  • Tati

    Ooooohhhhh! I can not help loving this man … God! It’s so adorable

  • marybetherrrrs

    hey looks like Jason Priestly circa Bev Hills 90210 in some of these. HOT IN ALL OF THEM. *snickers*

  • Alexia Pons

    OMG!!! If I keep looking at his pictures, I will have a love heart attack!!!

  • Sus

    Dean, don’t give him a light for that ciggie…PLEASE!!! Awesome pics!!

  • sandy

    Great pictures! He really looks good in white and I love his shades!!

  • Katie

    Are those sunglasses the style from the 30s? Or are they just his own?

  • Tita Ritter

    OMFG! he is so adorable!

  • Treena

    All I can say is I want one of those chairs preferably the one he sat in and he looks awesome I am really liking the hair but I cannot wait until we get some of him and Reese laughing together on the set…..

  • Sus

    As much as I love Rob, and as sexy as he looks, I truly wish he’d quit smoking…I want him around for a long, long time!