Director Tweets!

LOVE this guy…

Director, Francis Lawrence is like the “most spectacular director on earth!” 😉 Mr. Lawrence had some praises shined his way via roustabout extras…and Mr. Lawrence responded with equal praise:


@Hibbits proud to be one of your Benzini Core Roustabouts….the movie is looking amazing.

@tlukeaf thanks. You guys are doing an amazing job and look great.

And yesterday:

@Hibbits proud to be a benzini core and lovin every minute, tent raising was awesome

@kevinketcham thank you… You guys did great!

See? LOVE this guy 🙂

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  • Alison4828

    I agree Tink this director is the “most spectacular director on earth!”. Love how he responds to ppl and gives us nice gems from the set.

    Thanks for sharing these tweets with us!


    i love his figure

  • Lisa

    Proud to be a follower of @Hibbits!