!!!!!!! MORE ROBOWSKI !!!!!

~~~~I’m speechless~~~ Woke up to these beautiful pictures on Thinking of Rob. I see a mix of Rob in character and Rob relaxing between takes… can YOU tell which is which? Click on the thumbnails below to make them BIGGER!

This is gonna die JAG!
I'm reminded of a certain 'meadow'...
Hot day calls for a tall drink of water!!!
A frustrated Robowski with Kinko!

There are more! I’m updating as quick as I can (oooo deja vu). Looks like the set is a happy one! Happy tweets from the extras and director , Francis Lawrence, and lots of smiling Rob.

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  • *sigh* I´m feeling weak…!

  • Jojo

    And im dead
    *falls to the floor*

  • barbarastaff

    loving the pics….boy, am i loving the pics!!!!…jesus christ can he get any hotter!!

  • Lynda from Philly

    Rob is just getting hotter and sexier with each role he does.HOW does he do it?No matter what he’s wearing,no matter how his hair is cut,no matter if he’s clean or dirty………I just don’t know…..he’s ALWAYS hot,sexy, and fuckable. Just sayin. PLEASE keep the #Robowskip0rn coming…

  • what a great way to start the weekend! ThankU!!!

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  • Gabriella

    yes…i agree…he´s always interesting, hot, sexy, with wonderful smile.:)..how does he do it??…….but we don´t know what he is personality…. according to an interview with him…i think that he is clever and good guy:)…shame…that i would never meet with him:))…

  • Alice87

    OMG!!!!! I think this is one of the best Friday´s of my life!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The sun is shining, two free days to come & THESE Pics!!!!

    God, he looks so beautiful!!!! I´m totally Robowski´s Girl!!!!

    Thanx for all the fast & amazing updates guys!

  • Christal Wiliams

    Thanks for the pics.. Wish I lived in LA so I could see the set..I sure its all amazing.. Can’t wait for the movie…

  • SnowyHedwig

    What a wonderful sight to wake up to. If only it wasn’t just some pictures, but the real thing…

  • Sue

    My sentiments exactly!!! NICE!!

  • Sue

    omg….didn’t even see the other pixs below…..hot, sexy, dirty…he is just so pleasing to the eye. I’m so lovin’ those sexpenders….*thud*!!!

  • aj

    Thank you, y’all rock!!!

  • MY GODNESS! only he can look so gorgeous!!!

    Girls, we don`t deserve that! jaja

  • tinababy1

    Happy happy joy joy!!!!! This is what I love waking up to! He is an absolute wonder! He DOES keep getting better and better!

  • Rena

    Holy…wow. :: h00r down ::

  • GlassGirl1972

    Edward who?


  • nowlistenguyzzz

    Never thought of me ever being Team Jacob..lol He’s fuckawesome.

  • katia

    I adore Rob…and His getting Hotter and Hotter.
    Can’t wait for WFE

  • Lisa

    Ok, Pattinson is very nice, but really – WHERE IS WALTZ?

  • HighnessJill

    Robowski’s absolutely Stunning, Dirty, With a Tan and in those Pants!!

  • alina

    Thanks for the pics, he’s perfect smiling or not, no more tank top pics? and do you call him Robowsky? I’ve never hear this name for him

  • Alison4828

    My brain cannot process how fuckin beautiful he is…I can’t even form words to describe…wow!

  • He looks nice, but geez.. is Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon even IN this movie? Why is it so easy to get Rob photos and so hard to find anything on either of them!?

  • Jennifer

    I love all these pics!!! I just finished the book and it was awesome. I can’t wait to see the movie!

  • jeneruss

    what can I say but OMR!!! lol

  • Lisa

    I have to admit it… Jacob Jankowski is beginning to make me think “Edward who???”


  • Tamra

    Holy crap *sigh*

  • KittTatt

    Pic #7 – Add-candy and BOOTS! *thud*

    *don’t mind me, I’m just gonna stay down here on the floor for a while*

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  • I’m pretty sure I just died… I’m gonna stay on the floor too for a bit. HOT DAMN! Where he’s sitting in the field smiling.. *thud* and the one where he’s by the box car *thud* THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!! 😀

  • Shirlee

    Beautiful pictures of Rob – I am really, really loving the short hair … and, boy does he have huge feet! Mind goes to the gutter in 3, 2 1

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  • sandy

    lol i live right across the street from the set and i dunno whats going on